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Malkasten Park, Dusseldorf

A series of experimental and site-specific works

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Peter Josef Abels | Rolf Appelbaum | Christina Assmann | Ralf Berger | Joseph Beuys | Stefano Bonacci | Ellen Cantor | Katja Davar | Stefan Demary | Sylvie Fleury | Claus Föttinger | Katharina Fritsch | Tobias Gerber | Gilbert & George | Eugenio Giliberti | Carsten Gliese | Jörg Paul Janka | Ute Janssen | Sven t'Jolle | Thomas Kratz | Seb Koberstädt | Christoph Korn | Gereon Krebber | Eric Lanz | Rosilene Luduvico | Takeshi Makishima | Andreas Märker | Lutz Meyer | Wilhelm Mundt | Kenzo Onoda | Jacquline Overberg | Gregor Russ | Michael Sailstorfer | Christine Schulz | Corinna Schnitt | Alex Strehl | John Strutton | Hiroshi Sugito | Andreas Techler | Eduard Winklhofer | Jost Wischnewski | Toby Ziegler

The free exhibition space PARKHAUS run by Karl Heinz Rummeny and Jost Wischnewski in the Malkasten Park will devise a celebratory exhibition to mark the space's tenth anniversary. Founded in 1997, PARKHAUS has decisively influenced the exhibition scene in Düsseldorf with its continuous programme of events of a consistently high standard.

The show in the Kunsthalle will reflect the conception of the venue characterised not only by the presentation of up-and-coming artists in a series of experimental and site-specific works, but also by a dialogue between both historic and emerging artistic positions. PARKHAUS's open character with its alternating installations, film evenings, talks and performances will be transferred to and enacted in the Kunsthalle and the premises will be used as a stage for a variety of experimental formats.

Kunsthalle Düsseldorf
Grabbeplatz 4 D-40213 Düsseldorf
Tel. +49 (0)211- 89 96 243 Fax +49 (0)211- 89 29 168 -

During the exhibition the media works in one of the rooms will change:

10. – 31.8.2008: Christine Schulz, Stefano Bonacci, Eric Lanz

4. – 21.9.2008: Christoph Korn, Lutz Meyer / Alex Strehl, Christina Assmann / Ute Janssen

Second Opening:
Wednesday, September 3, 2008, 7 pm
Thomas Kratz: Performance ‘Strawberry Camouflage’
Andreas Techler: Performance ‘Nachtprogramm'

Opening of the exhibition on Friday, August 9, 2008 at 7 pm.
Ralf Berger: Performance ‘Moderne Tyrannei’

Malkasten Park
Eingang Jacobistraße 6a D-40211 Düsseldorf

dal 8/8/2008 al 20/9/2008

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