Detroit Contemporary
5141 Rosa Parks Boulevard
Five solo exhibitions
dal 1/2/2002 al 24/3/2002
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Five solo exhibitions

Detroit Contemporary, Detroit

A show igniting the senses and sensibilities. Detroit Contemporary’s first exhibition of 2002 challenges the viewer in more ways than one, with solo exhibitions by artists Kamil Anto and Pavs as well as individual site-specific installations by Jeff Karolski, Jeanne Pfordresher, and Graeme Whyte.

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Detroit Contemporary presents a show igniting the senses and sensibilities

The Exhibition
detroit contemporary’s first exhibition of 2002 challenges the viewer in more ways than one, with solo exhibitions by artists Kamil Anto and Pavs as well as individual site-specific installations by Jeff Karolski, Jeanne Pfordresher, and Graeme Whyte.

The Artists/The Work
With "As the Goddamn Songs Turn Sour and the Days Die of Grayness...", in the First Floor gallery, Kamil Antos (Hamtramck) presents us with a poetic vision of beauty through ghostly 2-dimensional images which have, themselves, been through a destructive working process of rubbing, burning, layering, and erasing to reveal a deep reverence for all things that withstand deteriorating forces. Although his subject is not always the ruins of Detroit, he admits that, the influence is "...there, brooding gently over and beneath the surface of each work".

Jeff Karolski (Hamtramck), exhibiting in the T2 gallery, takes the viewer into a time-based experience exposing the process of art-making and thus questioning the relationship of art and audience in his installation, "Warmth". Through temperature, light, sound, space and time this work explores the power of art to create emotional reaction, inspired by film and the artists own experiences. In addition to performing with Austrian and Japanese projects at detroit contemporary he has performed/exhibited at the first D.E.M.F. (Detroit); Center Galleries (Detroit); Artcite (Windsor); 7HC (San Francisco); and D.U.M.B.O. Arts Center (Brooklyn) and is a recipient of the Polk Award.

Former art educator and graphic designer, Pavs (Birmingham), transforms the Brick Room gallery into "Sideshow" with his sculptural assemblages that defy exact categorization. Unorthodox in his use of diverse materials, he synthesizes an unlikely blend of surrealism, expressionism, pop art, kitsch, body art, and neorealism. Out of this he manifests his own personal vision; a fantastical menagerie of pop icons, strippers, carnival freaks and outsiders. Multileveled in meaning, his works have a visual impact and presence that are unique. His works are represented in the permanent collections at the Edinborough Museum of Art, the DIA and the Holocaust Memorial Center.

Jeanne Pfordresher (New York), adjunct professor at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, has exhibited her work in New York, Belgium, Chicago and most recently at the Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio. In her work, repetition is used to convey sameness and ubiquity as a nod to living in a world of mass production. Her usage of techniques from commercial art, architecture, and theater creates a way of lifting forms or images from everyday life and elevating them into something iconic. "I Want To Hear What I Want To Hear", in the Second Floor gallery, examines the topic of protection both architecturally and graphically. The sculptural installation serves as a receptacle in which we can place our hopes and fears, only to discover that these "ears" are simply props, staged to satisfy our desire for comfort.

Graeme Whyte (Detroit) transforms the T1 gallery with "Recent Births". Early dreams of becoming a cartoonist later morphed into the study of architecture at Lawrence Tec. These interests have left a nearly unconscious mark in Whyte’s bulbous and organic forms. The influence of chemistry, biology, and physics can be seen cohabitating with a distinctly lighthearted tone as his sculptures vaguely take on the shape of cellular and atomic structure.

The Gallery
This six-week exhibition runs from Saturday, February 2 through Sunday, March 24, 2002 with an opening reception to meet the artists on Saturday, February 2, from 6-10pm.

detroit contemporary is open Thursday through Sunday from 12pm to 6pm.

detroit contemporary is located in the Woodbridge Historic District at 5141 Rosa Parks Blvd.
This is two blocks north of Warren Avenue, two blocks south of the I94 expressway, three blocks west of Trumbull.

Opening receptions and exhibitions are free and open to the public.
Free on the street parking available.

detroit contemporary
5141 Rosa Parks Blvd
Detroit MI 48208-1705

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dal 12/9/2003 al 26/10/2003

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