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Internationale Photoszene Koln
dal 31/8/2008 al 30/9/2008
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Internationale Photoszene Koln

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Cologne is getting ready for the big event. Local galleries, museums and institutions are gradually opening their doors for their photography exhibitions. Other participants are making their final preparations to present photography from artists around the world during the Internationale Photoszene festival in September.

The Internationale Photoszene Köln will involve collaborations between prominent Cologne institutions for the first time this year. The resulting synergies will help Cologne become a more significant location for international photography, approaching the major photography festivals in Paris, Madrid and Rencontres d'Arles. "If the Cologne festival successfully expands its programming and broadens its conceptual framework this year and in future, visitors will have the opportunity to view, compare and discuss fascinating works while recognising their cultural contexts. We hope that they leave the festival with new and exciting images in their minds", says Dr. Norbert Moos, Chairman of the Internationale Photoszene Köln e.V.

Exhibitors. A jury selected ten exhibition highlights from the 90 participants. This year's list includes photomontage from Marinus and John Heartfield, on display at Museum Ludwig, and portraits from Jim Dine at SK Stiftung Kultur. Once again, this year's Photoszene will delight audiences with a variety of unconventional exhibition locations: In the IHK building, an example of 1950s architecture, the Stiftung Rheinisch-Westfälisches Wirtschaftsarchiv zu Köln will exhibit historic images of people in their working environments. Artist Lutz Fritsch decided to present his architectural photographs far beyond gallery walls. His "Picnic with pictures" show will be held on the evening of 26 September in the lush, green park of the Stadtgarten. Visitors can find a quick overview of the exhibitions on the website (www.photoszene.de) and the free exhibition catalogue.

The Photographer's Night. The institutions involved in this year's Photoszene have organised a number of special events. One event that no one should miss is the Photographer's Night on 19 September in the Spichernhöfe. Prominent artists will have the opportunity to present their work in short screenings. This year's line-up includes Albert Watson (who is also opening an exhibition at NRW Forum Düsseldorf), Thomas Hoepker, Katharina Bosse and actor/photographer Hanns Zischler, who will also host the evening's festivities. "Internationale Photoszene Köln e.V." invites all visitors and participants to a "come together" following the event. Artists and art enthusiasts alike can dance the night away at the "Photographic" party, featuring DJs Ralf Niemczyk and Karin Hüttenhofer. The title is borrowed from an early song by the band Depeche Mode and also serves as the inspiration for the evening's music.

The Spichernhöfe will host the "Visual Gallery Lounge" during this year's photokina. Art fans attending the trade fair can gather here to view interesting photography and discuss the show. The Spichernhöfe will also serve as the headquarters for the Internationale Photoszene festival. Special events, such as the Photographer's Night, and exhibitions from Juan Manuel Diaz Burgos, André Lützen, Chris Keulen and Hanns Zischler will be held in this interesting location. After browsing the photography installations, visitors can enjoy the restaurants and cafés located here.

Thanks. Thanks. Event organisers Manfred Linke (UTOPIA IMAGES), Kathrin Luz and Virgilio Pelayo Jr. (Kathrin Luz Communication) would like to thank Koelnmesse, the photokina organisers, the City of Cologne, RheinEnergie Stiftung Kultur and Internationale Photoszene Köln e.V. for the outstanding teamwork.

Photographer's Night 19. September 2008

Special Weekend 26.-28. September 2008

Internationale Photoszene Köln e.V.
Schönhauser Straße 8, 50968 Köln
Dr. Norbert Moos (Vors.), Dr. Winfried Gellner,
Susanne Kieselstein, Hans Georg Keitel

Organisation, Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit:
Kathrin Luz Communication
Kathrin Luz, Virgilio Pelayo jr.
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Organisation und Produktionsleitung:
UTOPIA Images, Bildkonzepte
Manfred Linke
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