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Slick 08

Centequatre, Paris

For this new edition of the event, on the 2,500 m2 reserved for the fair, 58 galleries will be exhibiting and will make of this event all that is most edgy and surprising in terms of contemporary creation by mixing together performances, installations, paintings, sculptures, photography and video... Based on their proposals, many galleries will be placing an emphasis on the relationship between art, politics and the social sphere.

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The Slick team is pleased to announce the list of 58 galleries that will participate in Slick 08 this October in Paris. For this new edition, the fair will welcome over 58 galleries of which 53% are based in Paris, 26% are international (from Belgium, China, Croatia, Spain, Italy, the UK and the USA) and 21% are French galleries beyond Paris. Since its inception, Slick has affirmed its position as a destination for discovering galleries and artists. Only 22 of the Slick 08 galleries have already been presented in previous editions of the fair.

Slick gets to the heart of the matter and will continue to surprise you through the list of galleries presented below (additional names might be added throughout the course of the summer), and at the fair itself, with up-and-coming galleries who are encouraging their artists to create new works for the fair or will favor most recent works for their exhibitions. This year, Slick settles into the CENTQUATRE. Built in 19th century industrial architecture style, this vast building of more than 39 000 m2 will become the largest Parisian space for artistic production and creation, housing artist residencies, theatre spaces and lounge areas. By working with a network of art centers throughout the world, its dynamic operational approach is unique in France. We look forward to welcoming you at CENTQUATRE.

Slick extends over 2 500 m2 at the garden entrance level and will be organized around three primary spaces that welcome the galleries and two gardens: one, a VIP area, and the second, conceived as the fair’s center of gravity and its green lungs. A multimedia space will be located on the main level, along with a temporary restaurant in the nave of CENTQUATRE, at the entrance to the fair. To give you an idea of what this new edition of Slick is all about, we have provided a few highlights below. No doubt, these “trends” will fail to capture the essence of the fair but should serve to provide a glimpse at its general outline.

Established Galleries, Up-and-coming Artists Three well-established galleries in the market – Patricia Dorfmann, Catherine Issert, Claudine Papillon – have decided to use this edition of Slick as a platform for presenting their younger artists.

Arts, Politics and Social Spheres Based on their proposals, many galleries will be placing an emphasis on the relationship between art, politics and the social sphere. The director of ADN Galeria, for example, particularly appreciates humoristic and political installations. Through the project “ When The Future Was Not Going To Happen, Art Book Care of Itself “, Creative Thriftshop questions the role of the artist in society. Urban Art Four Parisian galleries will be presenting the urban art movement: Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, Galerie W, the Studio 55. The Galerie Barnoud and ADDICT Galerie will also present an artist from this movement.

Medium Specialization Certain galleries are specialized in a particular medium or technique with three exposing only moving image or digital art (Galerie numeriscausa, Galerie Duplex, Heartgalerie and C.A. Galerija). Through their proposed programs, other galleries reveal a special attention to drawing and video (Galerie Pascal Vanhoecke) or painting (Galerie Charlotte Norberg, Galerie Trafic and Galerie Deborah Zafman).

Solo Show Galerie Deborah Zafman with Michel Gouéry, and Galerie blue square with the Russian artist Gluklya.

Nationality Exposed Certain galleries have chosen to support artistic creation in a specific country. Based in France, the Hagelleria represents Israeli artists. The French Art Studio in London promotes French artists. The Spanish gallery UNA, based in Paris, represents artists from the Iberian scene. The Galerie blue square represents the Russian contemporary art scene. The first gallery will present mostly Italian artists for Slick 08. Finally, the Galerie Sycomore Art works between France and Brazil, exposing artists solely from those two countries.

Special Projects, Themed Exhibitions
Miss China presents “Face to Face, Cheek to Cheek”, inviting male and female artists to react to each other in a face off. Semiose gallerie – editions, the publisher that became a gallery for Slick 07, will divide its space in two. In the editions section, it will celebrate its ten-year anniversary through the production of 20 silkscreens made in collaboration with 20 artists and sold at 100 euros each. Presented in a type of temporary supermarket, they are set in contrast with the gallery’s more prominent pieces. The Red Truck Gallery from New Orleans will restrict itself to presenting only seven artists whose works play on the idea of popular art in southern USA. The Galerie e.l Bannwarth has decided to change a part of its exhibition on a daily basis. The young galerist Emilie presents its painting, photo, sculpture and video favorites The Galerie Defrost presents “Trouble in Mind”, a show based on the idea of possible alterations in our perception of reality, or the loss of reference points through the sensation or perception of denatured figures and spaces. The Galerie Norbert Pastor presents works around the notion of spatiality and transversality. The Galerie Dix9 presents artists working around the notion of time, searching for the past in a world in mutation. estace propose a focus on organic art.

Finally, the French…
We are delighted to welcome once again the French galleries that were first discovered at Slick and that have, since then, opened new, well-known spaces and whose work, program and approach we particularly appreciate: the Galerie Schirman & de Beaucé, newly based in Paris’ Marais district, Lacen gallery, the Galerie Bonneau-Samames, the Galerie Dukan and Hourdequin, ACDC and the Galerie Griesmar & Tamer. For the first time this year, we will help you discover or re-discover the artists of Galerie LHK that will present two French artists from the Porte Avion in Marseille; the Espace A VENDRE in Nice both soon to be based in Paris ; the Galerie Motte & Rouart ; the Eponyme Galerie and the Galerie Jérôme Ladiray ; the Art Jingle Contemporary gallery ; The Kernot ART and the Granville Gallery, focused on conceptual art ; and the young Galerie Betrand Grimont.

…and International galleries
The Belgian Annette de Keyser, the Galerie Frédéric Desimpel and Annie Gentils Gallery, the Italians nt art gallery and Furini Arte Contemporanea, the Americans th!nkART and Virgil de Voldere Gallery, and the British Cynthia Corbett Gallery and Vanessa Suchar, now back in France and t Focus Gallery from Dubai. Slick reaffirms itself as a space for discovering galleries and artists, and a platform from which many galleries then take-off. For example, since its inception, 40% of the galleries presented at Slick have moved into larger spaces within the following year or have opened new spaces. Great finds!

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Opening Thursday, October 23 (invitation only)

5, rue Curial - Paris
Schedule Thursday 23 from 2pm to 11pm (invitation only) – car service available
Friday 24 and Sunday 26, 11am to 8pm
Saturday 25, 11am to 10pm
Monday 27, 11am to 5pm
Entrance fees 7/5¤ (students, artists, senior citizens, disabled persons, “Museums Friends”, professors)
Free (unemployed persons, art students, journalists, children under the age of 18)

Slick 08
dal 22/10/2008 al 26/10/2008

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