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Kumi Oguro
dal 24/10/2008 al 21/11/2008
Mon - Sat 11am-5pm

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Soledad Senlle Gallery


Kumi Oguro

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Kumi Oguro

Soledad Senlle Gallery, Amsterdam

First Class Hysteric. New photos

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First Class Hysteric. In the creation of her 'scenes', the artist uses her female models as if they were dolls and places them in a space that is indeterminate; an opaque context. Her images make us think of the instant 'before' or 'after' what is actually visible. Some appear to be almost 'timeless', as if a certain situation was always so and will remain so, unchanged. This dimension of time, in combination with her handling and arrangement of space, adds a film-like impression to her works. Faced with her photographs, the uneasiness or confusion that we may feel is caused by the coexistence of contrasting elements: the dangerous and the peaceful, the eerie and the laughable, the tragic and the playful.

Sarah Mei Herman
dal 5/11/2010 al 3/12/2010

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