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Short Stories in Contemporary Photography
dal 28/9/2008 al 3/1/2009

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Bernadette Mock

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Short Stories in Contemporary Photography

Museum of Design, Zurich

A parallel between literature and photography where multiple narrative possibilities emerge

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With contributions by Harry Gruyaert, Bertien van Manen, Aernout Mik, Erwin Olaf, Eric Stitzel, Guy Tillim, Erwin Wurm. In literature, the short story is a concise fictional narrative often perceived as an ideal form for modern storytelling. One can see parallels between the short story and contemporary photography in which distinct narrative possibilities emerge: reportage photography, in which a story is condensed visually; staged photography, in which a plot is developed as in the theater; video stills that condense a complex story in a single image; and photography mixed with different media that distorts or transforms them into a new storytelling form. By presenting the various approaches of international artists - each with its own strong statement - the exhibition highlights the most important strategies of contemporary photographic storytelling, and thus becomes a space with very distinct narratives.

Black and White
dal 7/11/2011 al 3/3/2012

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