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Three exhibitions

Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA), Winston - Salem

Psychedelic / Erwin Olaf / Structure, Surface and Expression

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Psychedelic: Carlos Amorales / Jeremy Blake / Louis Cameron / Shahzia Sikander

Looking to revisit the visionary history of the psychedelic experience, this exhibition explores contemporary applications of a model often dismissed as a drug-induced relic of the 1960s. Using "trippy" aesthetics as a point of both reference and departure, the works in Psychedelic employ fluid imagery and hypnotic color to consider familiar objects, truths and faces in an unfamiliar way. In so doing, artists Carlos Amorales, Jeremy Blake, Louis Cameron and Shahzia Sikander present video animations that are less a product of altered consciousness than a way to rediscover one's present state of mind.

Psychedelic is a rotating video program where the work of each artist will run for approximately one month, with individual works changing over every one to two weeks.

The viewing schedule (subject to change) is as follows:

Louis Cameron
Shortly After 9 a.m. September 12 through 21
Orangina September 24 through 28
Christmas Tree October 1 through 5
Heineken October 8 through 12

Shahzia Sikander
Pursuit Curve October 15 through 26
SpiNN October 29 through November 2
Dissonance to Detour November 5 through 9

Jeremy Blake
Winchester November 12 through 23
1906 November 26 through 30
Century 21 December 3 through 7

Carlos Amorales
Rorschach Test Animation December 10 through 19
Faces December 20 through 28
Manimal December 31 through January 4

This exhibition is curated by Steven M. Matijcio.


Erwin Olaf
Solo show

The enigmatic moments that run throughout Dutch artist Erwin Olaf's most recent photographic trilogy Rain (2004), Hope (2005), and Grief (2007) are characterized by their seeming impenetrability; suspending both subject and audience in what Olaf calls, "the moment between action and reaction." However, while a number of critics have read this visual silence as a departure from the artist's previous, more explicit bodies of work, Rain, Hope and Grief only reveal themselves through the wider lens of Olaf's influences and career path. From the iconic "Golden Age" of Dutch Painting (late 16th - mid-17th century), to the Americana of Norman Rockwell and Edward Hopper, to the sculptural, erotic stillness of Robert Mapplethorpe's photography, the exhibition Still Living traces Olaf's remarkable adaptation (and re-activation) of the still life genre for modern-day America. In so doing, this collection spans two decades of work (1988-2008); contextualizing the present trilogy by moving across baroque black & white portraits, ornate pictorials (done for popular journals), haute couture in the style of Vermeer, and tableaux where subject and setting become literally entwined. Still Living also presents three recent videos by Olaf, strategically located in rooms of the Hanes mansion to articulate the complex, allegorical life that the domestic interior plays in the artist's work.

This exhibition is curated by Steven M. Matijcio.


Structure, Surface and Expression
Quilt Directions Today

Fabric is limitless in color, pattern and texture, offering innovative artists an extensive palette of creative opportunity. Additionally, some choose to embellish fabric utilizing wide-ranging means, including painting on cloth, stitching unusual patterns, imbuing fabric with imagery, color and texture using photography and digital media. How artists transform their chosen medium into provocative and vastly different results is the subject of Structure, Surface and Expression. This exhibition is not intended to be an exhaustive survey of contemporary quilting, but rather is an effort to examine in some depth the creative strategies employed by some of the most innovative artists working in the quilting sector today. The exhibition features Sue Benner (TX), Dorothy Caldwell (CN), Nancy Crow (OH), Ana Lisa Hedstrom (CA), Michael James (NE), Eleanor McCain (FL) and Ellen Oppenheimer (CA). Each artist will be represented by approximately 5-7 art works enabling an exploration of creative process and technical innovation over time and across a range of pieces.

This exhibition is curated by Mark Richard Leach.

Image: Carlos Amorales, Manimal, 2005, courtesy of the artist and Yvon Lambert Gallery, New York/Paris

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Three exhibitions
dal 11/9/2008 al 3/1/2009

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