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Helsinki's School
dal 4/11/2008 al 5/12/2008

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Helsinki's School

Galerie Baudoin Lebon, Paris

The work of 4 Finish photographers each from a different generation. Timo Kelaranta with "The Quiets" series, Ola Kolehmainen with an approach influenced by constructivist and minimalist paintings, Janne Lehtinen who translates the obsession of strange flying machines, Ea Vasko with her abstract images pulled out of darkness, and finally the video work of Hannu Karjalainen. Curated by Timothy Persons.

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Timo Kelaranta | Ola Kolehmainen | Janne Lehtinen | Ea Vasko | Hannu Karjalainen

Curator: Timothy Persons (Gallery TaiK, Helsinki)

In relation with the "Mois de la photo" in Paris, the Gallery baudoin lebon invites Timothy Persons, director of the TaïK Gallery (Helsinki, Finland) to present the photographic work of a selection of Finish artists.
Timothy Person is a very eclectic man. Art Professor at the head of the photographic department of very well-known University of Art and Design (Helsinki), he is also a gallerist, an art curator, a consultant and the founder of the TaïK Gallery. Located inside the prestigious school, the TaïK Gallery opened its space in 1999, therefore contributing to the promotion of the young generation of Finish photographers.

The singularity of its location, as well as its non commercial aspect, is aimed to encourage and demonstrate the skills of talented students by international exhibitions and art fairs thus contributing to a more professional approach.
Today, the Helsinki School represents the work of several generations of Finish photographers who have in common the use of photography and video as a real conceptual tool.

Baudoin Lebon will present the work of four Finish photographers (4 men and 1 woman), each from a different generation. Timo Kelaranta (born in 1951) will present "The Quiets" series. Born in 1964, Ola Kolehmainen's artistic approach was influenced by constructivist and minimalist paintings. Janne Lehtinen (born in 1970), his work translates her obsession of strange flying machines. Last but not least, Ea Vasko (born in 1980) offers us a new conception of space, with her abstract images pulled out of darkness. Finally, Hannu Karjalainen's video, will be shown. The work of this artist (born in 1978) questions the representation of identity through the constructed images.

Image: Ea Vasko, City disorder 7

Opening on Wednesday 5 November at 6 pm

Galerie Baudoin Lebon
38 rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie, 75004 Paris
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Helsinki's School
dal 4/11/2008 al 5/12/2008

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