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Mazovian Centre of Contemporary Art Elektrownia, Radom

Artists of Foto-Medium-Art Gallery

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Exhibition curator: Krzysztof Siatka
Project Coordinator for the ‘Elektrownia’ Centre: Romuald K. Bochyński

On 7th November 2008 the exhibition Now! Artists of Foto-Medium-Art Gallery opens in the exhibition halls of the Mazovian Centre of Contemporary Art ‘Elektrownia’ in Radom.

Artists participating in the exhibition:
Jan Berdyszak, Codemanipulator, Zbigniew Dłubak, Tomasz Dobiszewski, Kinga Dunikowska, Wincenty Dunikowski-Duniko, Fantastic Nobodies, Michał Jakubowicz, Anna Kutera, Romuald Kutera, Natalia LL, Andrzej Lachowicz, Tadeusz Mysłowski, Jerzy Olek, Clement Page, Ewa Partum, Józef Robakowski, Tadeusz Sawa-Borysławski, Steve Schepens, Zdzisław Sosnowski, Teresa Tyszkiewicz, Jan Stanisław Wojciechowski

The title of the exhibition should be understood broadly and it does not refer only to the current art but also to the art from which the newest trends originate and art which has retained its freshness and validity despite the passage of time.

A characteristic connecting all outstanding artistic projects is their inherent artists’ ideas reflecting the current state of social consciousness and a stage of broadly understood development of mankind, culture and science typical for the times when the projects were made. The artists aspire to be the witnesses of their times, according to the modernist slogan: every time has its art. The expression of problems of the present day can take diverse forms. It might be a sociological vision of contemporary times or its apology, it might also engage new methods of artistic creation. In the context of the present day fall of all artistic utopias, of challenging all principles of art, formal pluralism and lack of absolute and dominating trends, paradoxically the language of art can better or differently suggest contemporary phenomena than the use of traditional, scientific methods of description and analysis of reality.

The exhibition organized as an initiative of the Mazovian Centre of Contemporary Art ‘Elektrownia’ in Radom presents a collection of works made by artists from different generations: the older renowned artists, whose reflection comes from the stormy neo-avant-garde period, and young personalities of art. The exhibitions emphasizes phenomena that sparkled at the junction between notional art and post-conceptualism and which also influenced the present day practices. The presented works highlight the idea of a work of art while keeping its strong and attractive materiality, which is set in the problems of inter-media and issues of connections between art and new technologies. The projects emphasize the context and experience of the present day within the framework of artistic and sociological attempts to challenge the existing status quo and refer to the strategies of mass-media and methods of group manipulation. The penetration into the tissues of life and into the history of art in those works, ultimately leads to interactivity and conveying of the co-creative power to other subjects.

The Foto-Medium-Art Gallery, since its establishment in 1977, has promoted radical and new artistic concepts. In the times of the popularization of experiments in photography, artistic film and other non-traditional ways of creation, it was a significant venue for exchanging ideas of the questing artists. Besides exhibitions concentrating on new media, the gallery organized symposia, discussions and meetings of intellectuals. Time proved that the method of inter-disciplinary development of ideas transgressing beyond the domain of art was right. When art and life overlap so much that it is impossible to distinguish their autonomous territories, when the boundaries between the features of the high and low cultures, the elite and egalitarian cultures have blurred, the inter-media practice has become widespread.

The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive catalogue, the texts for which were written by Grzegorz Dziamski, Marcin Giżycki, Jerzy Olek, Krzysztof Siatka and Jan Stanisław Wojciechowski.

Vernissage: November 7th 2008, 6 p.m.

Mazovian Centre of Contemporary Art Elektrownia
26-600 Radom, ul. Kopernika 1, PL – Polska

dal 6/11/2008 al 20/12/2008

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