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Michel Francois
dal 17/10/2008 al 2/1/2009

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Michel Francois

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Michel Francois

S.M.A.K. - Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Ghent

Faux Jumeaux

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Michel François who comes from Brussels has received carte blanche from the S.M.A.K. to determine the exhibition programme in two galleries for more than a year. François has chosen two identical exhibition rooms and has named his project Faux Jumeaux (false twins). He will ask 15 people to each select two works of art which, although very similar with regard to form or material, were created independently. Which similarities or differences between the two works will come to light when they are ‘mirrored’ in the two identical galleries? The presentation will change every month: one or more pairs will be added or removed. The people who have selected a Faux Jumeaux will elucidate their choice. All the selections will be compiled and elucidated in a publication later on.

The first choice is that of Michel François himself. He will exhibit a work by Ann Veronica Janssens and one by Michelangelo Pistoletto. This ‘pair’ underlies the whole concept of Faux Jumeaux. François witnessed a heated discussion between two museum directors about the striking similarity between two works, while he knew that Janssen’s’ work had been created quite independently of that of Pistoletto. Now, for the first time since the discussion, he will actually bring these two works together as the first offering within this project. He will elucidate his choice on Sunday 19th October.
He will be followed by Loic Vanderstichelen and Daniel McLean. Each will present their own interpretation of the Faux Jumeaux rooms. They too will elucidate their choices to the public. This will take place on Sunday 14th December.

Faux Jumeaux will precede Michel François’ first important retrospective exhibition and publication which the S.M.A.K. will present in October 2009.

This project is part of the event ‘Carte(s) Blanche(s). All Eyes on the FRACs, and vice versa’ coordinated by PLATFORM and is supported by the European cultural Season, organized during the French Presidency of the European Union (July 1st > December 31st, 2008).

With the support of:
ambassade de France en Belgique, Alliance Française, Ministère de la culture et de la communication (Délégation aux arts plastiques-DAP), Culturesfrance.

Lectures 'Faux Jumeaux'
Loïc Vanderstichelen and Daniel McClean (French and English spoken)

The following curators of Faux Jumeaux are Joël Benzakin, Yves Brochard, François Curlet, Guillaume Désanges, Lea Gauthier, Jean-Paul Jacquet, Laurent Jacob, Rainier Lericolai, Raya Lindberg, Christine Macel, Frank Maes, Hans Theys and Philippe Van Cauteren.

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