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Jakob Simonson
dal 25/1/2009 al 12/2/2009

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Jakob Simonson

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Jakob Simonson

Malmo Konsthall, Malmo


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The periods between exhibitions are most often a “dead” time for museums and institutions. Exhibition spaces are simply closed for the de-installation of the previous exhibition and the installation of new works. Malmö Konsthall is no exception, because here the exhibition space is usually closed to the public during this time. However, Malmö Konsthall is now trying to activate this “dead” time and has commissioned the Malmö-based artist Jakob Simonson to create spaces and corridors for the interfaces between the next three installation periods. Each of Simonson’s installations will only be visible during the time between exhibitions, usually 2-3 weeks, and each time the artist will change, alter and create new spaces for Malmö Konsthall.

Jakob Simonson has been drawing upon traditions of minimalist painting and installation. He creates structures that hover between the categories of painting, architecture and sculpture. At Malmö Konsthall Simonson will continue working with these structures, playing with the audience’s relationship to and experience of the gallery. In the work The Wings, semitransparent modules of wood and plastic will form an architecture in the space between the entrance and the existing exhibition. The architecture will both hide and expose the space. In Simonson’s corridors the public will experience the in-between time and an abstraction of the process of exhibition building that is usually not seen or experienced. The physical relationships in the exhibition space will change through Simonson’s work, and the public will be confronted with the process of taking down an exhibition and installing its successor through abstract images and sounds made by the staff and the work that they are doing in the space.

Jakob Simonson (born in 1974 in Härlunda, lives and works in Malmö).

Malmo Konsthall
S:t Johannesgatan, 7 - Malmo

Joan Jonas
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