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Nancy Spero
dal 19/2/2009 al 13/6/2009

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Christine Forstner


Nancy Spero
Tina Teufel

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Nancy Spero

Museum der Moderne, Salzburg

Woman as Protagonist

comunicato stampa

Herbert-Boeckl-Preis 2009 for International Painting

curated by Tina Teufel

"What I am doing is that I am trying to rewrite the imaging of women through historical time." (Nancy Spero, 1993)
The artistic work of Nancy Spero (*1926, Cleveland, USA) has been mainly inspired by her anger about the invisibility of herself and of her artistic work, the lack of recognition and presence of female artists in the international – and particularly US American – art scene, and also by her strong political engagement and activism.

The exhibition presents a selective overview of the oeuvre of Nancy Spero, ranging from the Black Paintings of the 1950s and the War Series of the 1960s and 1970s, early works in which she began to investigate the role of woman in society, to her famous works in which she created an encyclopaedia of the portrayal of women from antiquity to the present day. Woman becomes the "catalyst" and replaces man as protagonist.

Nancy Spero places woman on a stage – and thus her role in history since prehistoric times – and allows her to release herself from her body and express herself freely. Nancy Spero evolved her own unmistakeable artistic language while working on the Artaud Paintings, the Codex Artaud and Torture of Womenin the 1970s: the unification of texts and images on long, codex-like scrolls of paper, by means of collages and handprinting, a method Nancy Spero has developed and refined to this day.

Image: To Soar, 1997, Handdruck und Collage auf Papier, Barbara Gross Galerie, München Courtesy Barbara Gross Galerie, München, © VBK, Wien, 2009

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