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Five exhibitions

Fundacion Proa, Buenos Aires

Art in the Auditorium / Books by artists - Luigi Pecci Prato Collection / Jorge Macchi / Facundo de Zuviria / Las comisuras de La Boca

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Art in the Auditorium

On Saturday, March 14th, at 2 PM, Fundación PROA will inaugurate the exhibition “Art in the Auditorium”, organized by the Whitechapel Gallery in London.

“Art in the Auditorium” is the title selected by Whitechapel, who invited eight international institutions to partake in this project. “The concept of auditorium referes to the place from where the viewer looks. In the contemporary world, any exhibition space can be transformed into an auditorium”, explains Adriana Rosenberg, president of Fundación PROA, the Argentine institution called on by Whitechapel.

The participating museums and art centers are: Whitechapel Gallery (London, United Kingdom), Fundación PROA (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art (Beijing, China), Ballroom Marfa (Texas, United States), Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo, GAMeC (Bergamo, Italy), Henie Onstad Kunstsenter (Hovikodden, Norway), Moderna Museet (Stockholm, Sweden), Kunsthaus Zürich (Zurich, Switzerland) and The Institute for the Readjustment of Clocks, hosted by the Koç Foundation (Istambul, Turkey)

Each one of the art centers was invited to participate in presenting videos of a local artist, resulting in a body of work that covers a broad spectrum of the present-day videos.

The selected artists are: Lene Berg (Norway), Nathalie Djurberg (Sweden), Leandro Erlich (Argentina), Wang Jianwei (China), Ali Kazma (Turkey), Shahryar Nashat (Switzerland), Cornelia Parker (United Kingdom), Diego Perrone (Italy) and Ryan Trecartin (United States)

Since mid- 2008, each institution has begun presenting the selected works. Each one was able to decide on the exhibition design, and thus uncovering the many interpretations of the concept auditorium.

For the presentation in Buenos Aires, the videos are shown simultaneously in the exhibition rooms. The objective is to incorporate a space for reflection and debate, and offer a panorama of the different options in which present-day artists can explore. The exhibition design is bold, and offers different possibilities for the contemplation of the works, incorporating the relationship between the viewer and the image, recreating the concept of auditorium.

Fundación PROA selected Leandro Erlich’s El consultorio del Psicoanalista (2005), which documents the installation bearing the same name and the subsequent performative actions of the public inside it. In order to enrich local participation and to be able to reflect on the backstage of the video, the installation El consultorio del Psicoanalista will be presented for the first time in Argentina.

Fundación PROA invited Rodrigo Alonso, a graduate in the arts and a specialist in new media, so that he could recreate the history of the video, from its origins through the present times. Alonso presents a series of conferences and lectures on contemporary video, serving not only as a theoretical framework, but also an investigation of the discipline.

In compliance with its objective to explore issues of our contemporary world, Fundación PROA has designed a rich educative program and agenda of activities


Books by artists - Luigi Pecci Prato Collection
Open until 26.04.09

Marco Bazzini, Artistic Director, Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci
Invited curator, didactics, and audiovisual Cecilia Rabossi
Assistant Aimé Iglesias Lukin

On Saturday, March 14, El sábado 14 de marzo de 2008, at 14 hs, FUNDACIoN PROA inaugurates the exhibition Libros de artista (Books by Artist) from the Luigi Pecci Collection.

The show, in a walk through of movements such as arte povera, spatialism, and conceptualism from the 1960’s through present day, allows for the exploration of the diverse variants of the artist’s books as artistic expression.

The exhibition presents books by artists such as Giovanni Anselmo, Alighiero Boetti, Maurizio Cattelan, Enzo Cucchi, Lucio Fontana, Mario Merz, Michelangelo Pistoletto, and other renowned Italian artists.
“Many of these artists, such as Boetti, Merz and Fontana, were shown in PROA in big retrospectives. The Collection shows the artists’ needs to work on a book, not from the literary standpoint but from the visual one”, explains Adriana Rosenberg, president of FUNDACIoN PROA.

Coleccion Centro per l’arte contemporaneo Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italia.

Exhibition design and set-up
Daniel Joglar y Sergio Avello

Instituto Italiano de Cultura de Buenos Aires
Embassy of Italy in Buenos Aires, Argentina
FUNDACIoN PROA, with the permanent support of Tenaris - Organización Techint


Block / Jorge Macchi

Cecilia Rabossi
Irina Kirchuk

Opening on Saturday, March 14th, 2009, FUNDACIoN PROA presents the intervention of the artist Jorge Macchi in the PROA Library, in which he exhibits the drawings of his book Block.

In Block, Macchi offers a non-chronological panorama of the drawings he made between 1996 and 2008. So much the title of the book as its format seek to highlight the idea that the drawings were done directly on a block of blank pages. The images are shown without any background color and, in general, are placed on the center of the page.

The book is sponsored by the Embassy of Italy in Argentina, with the support of FUNDACIoN PROA.

The Block intervention, by Jorge Macchi, opens the PROA Library’s cultural program, consisting of presenting books through diverse points of view. In the case of the visual arts, many artists produce works in the format of books, also known as artist’s books. “The artist’s books is one more possibility of this creativity developed through the 20th Century, even in secret. In the archives of many artists it is common to find anywhere between notebooks to books with drawings”, explains Adriana Rosenberg, president of FUNDACIoN PROA.
In Macchi’s production, books are a space of recurring experimentation. On occasion of his participation in the Venice Biennale, Macchi abandons the traditional concept of a catalogue and presented an artist’s book.

“Presenting Block in the PROA Library is a different experience. While the book presents a sequence in the drawings, in the installation this sequence is lost, and it results in something else. Its an explosion”, explains Macchi.


PROA en la Boca / Facundo de Zuviría

Coordination and Image Selection:
Facundo De Zuviría
Cecilia Rabossi

Opening of Saturday, March 14th, 2009, fundacion pROA presents Proa en La Boca (Proa in La Boca), photographic books by Facundo de Zuviría that illustrate the relationship between the arquitecture of pROA and the neighborhood of La Boca.

The photographer Facundo de Zuviría documents pROA ‘s new building from certain angles rescuing the details, forms, and elements of the arquitecture. a partir de determinados encuadres, en los que rescata detalles, formas y elementos de la arquitectura, resulting in a number of abstract images in dialogue with the context of La Boca.

De Zuviría presents the neighborhood’s most characteristic traits: the Bridge, the Riachuelo, its houses and streets. His particular viewpoint focuses on its characteristic materials: iron, water, corrugated iron, and stone. With a profound wisdom he is able to put these materials in a dialogue with the construction of the new pROA, which is thus enriched by this new way of looking.

The project was set forth when Facundo de Zuviría spontaneously started this series. fundacion pROA considered that, on occasion of the exhibition on Books by Artist, it was possible to rescue the concept of a photographic album related to the city, a recurring them in the artist’s production. De Zuviría goes back to this concept through new medias, plotter printing, and the image digitalization. The result is a novel photographic production of single copies, which show for the inter-dialogue between the city and the arquitecture, and at the same time experimenting with new forms of current photography.

“This is a project that crosses borders in the perception of images. The visitor is able to turn the pages of this book and dialogue with the photographer’s gaze. To walk through the building, and contemplate the images from the artist’s viewpoint allows for a new reflection on ways of looking. This moment of interrogation between the lecture of the building itself and the artist’s permits a reflection on the accuracy of what the eye sees, and gives the spectator the possibility to discover a new point of view”, explains Adriana Rosenberg, president of fundacion pROA.


Las comisuras de La Boca

Idea and coordination:
Karina Granieri
Julia Masvernat

Gabriel Baggio
Vanesa Saimovici
Graciela Taquini
Leticia El Halli Obeid
Marco Paulo Rolla
Ivana Vollaro

Opening on Saturday, March 14th, 2009, FUNDACIoN PROA presents Las comisuras de La Boca (The commissures of La Boca), an artistic proposal produced especially for the PROA Café, coordinated by Karina Granieri and Julia Masvernat.

Las comisuras de La Boca brings together a program of videos and interventions that unfold into images, texts, words, and investigations around the idea of nutrition. “But not only as alimentation, also as textile gestures: conversations, transmissions, memories, accidents, Pero no sólo en función de la alimentación, sino también como gestos textiles: conversaciones, transmisiones, recuerdos, accidentes, use value, cultural goods and exchanges”, explain the coordinators.

The project, which intercepts the space and creates playful and reflexive moments, consists in two stages, in the way of a work in progress. This first stage includes a series of videos projected in the PROA Café, and a performance by Gabriel Baggio on the renovated terrace. The videos are, for the most part, set in domestic environments in which the camera documents and exteriorizes and an interior language, a dialogical event.

Las comisuras de La Boca is presented on Saturday March 14th, 2009, in the PROA Café

Image: Diego Perrone. Still frame from I Verdi Giorni, 2000. Courtesy Galleria Massimo de Carlo, Milan, Italy.

Guided visits 4104-1041

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Amanda Timerman
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Opening Saturday, March 14th, 2009, h 2pm

Fundación PROA
Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929, La Boca, Buenos Aires.
The schedule is from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 to 20 hs (last entrance at 19 hs). The admission fee is $ 10 (general), $ 6 (students) and $ 3 (seniors).

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