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Event Horizon
dal 3/4/2009 al 15/5/2009

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Event Horizon

Galeria Raster, Warsaw

Seven emerging Swiss artists

comunicato stampa

Valentin Carron, Anne-Lise Coste, David Hominal, Fabian Marti, Tobias Madison, Emanuel Rossetti, Pamela Rosenkranz

Music: Kamp!, Kwadratowi, Polpo Motel, Przepraszam, Adam Repucha, DJ Wiktor Skok, DJ Ctrl Alt (3-5.04.2009)

The title of the show derives from a science fiction film directed by Paul W. Anderson. Event Horizon is also an astrophysical term describing an interface within a black hole from which information cannot escape.
What visions of the future in films and artistic practice have in common is that they create a new space which does not itself show its whole validity at once but is settled in a sphere yet to be defined. The "new and undefined" holds the potential for hopes and dreams - a manifestation of all the answers that cannot be given at the time being. The works exhibited at Event Horizon bear ironic, poetic qualites and are subtle investigations of the question: What will the future bring?

The show involves seven emerging Swiss artists. Coming from and living in different areas of the country, they work in a constant cultural and intellectual dialogue. Although they have different backgrounds and conceptual approaches, there is a strong link between their practices. The artists form a new intellectual collective, creating a unique language and meaning.

Apart from the works exhibited at Raster gallery the artists will be performing and showing films at the villa rented by Raster Gallery especially for that purpose.

Contributing Artists

VALENTIN CARRON (*1977) uses formal tropes and material displacement to question art's utility and its place in the public sphere. He creates works with stark graphics and a succinctly intellectual approach. Often the motives are taken from his hometown Martigny - e.g. Christian crosses, mountains or wooden beams or they refer in a humorous manner to Swiss culture and art history, like his sculpture of a golf-playing Giacometti-figure.

ANNE-LISE COSTE's (*1973) main medium is drawing. From A4-sized papers to walls (like in a graffito or mural painting) she uses different porters for her witty and poetic cribbles. In her works text and image melt in a calligraphic manner, they complement and comment on each other. Coste's playful questions on life bear an existential meaning and give her work a poetic depth. Often the character of her surveys is rebellious, questioning the mechanisms of power.

At the heart of DAVID HOMINAL's (*1976) work lies a dream of painting, of "Grand Peinture" even, as if it were still a heroic undertaking. Hominal vehemently inscribes himself in the art-historical canon to claim for himself a place among famous painters like Goya and Velazquez (his personal heroes). He doesn't list modern or contemporary names but rather refers to these paradigmatic figures in the history of painting. Not Hominal pays homage to his "masters", he also fights against the aspirations of heroism or typical "high culture seriousness" by bringing in what was outlawed and by relating to the notions of opposition and transgression.

The artistic method of FABIAN MARTI (*1979) is based on the use of scanner and analogue photography. The procedure to reach a picture via the detour of scanning makes traces like dust, and scratches become an important physical element too, in spite of technical precision. And this is exactly what makes Marti's photography so uncommon. His photography is about a mysterious haptic presence. His symbolism, or esoteric signs, as in "The Rise", a photograph showing a magnified golden thumb on black ground. "The System", "The Inspiration", or "The Future" (all of 2008) seem as if Marti wanted to re-edit the tarot cards of Alistair Crowley.

TOBIAS MADISON (*1985) works with various media, which always encircle the idea and the concept of the image as an existing cultural value as well as its contemporary function. One of his essays about methods and strategies of cultural production was called "Production as a Spectacle". He mixes contemporary strategies of production coming from a design discourse with more nostalgic ones (e.g. theft). All his personal craftsmanship is digital, the final work is just a product, a copy of the digital idea. Tobias Madison is the founder of the exhibition space New Jerseyy (with Daniel Baumann, Emanuel Rossetti and Dan Solbach), The Ettore Sottsass Museum (with Martin Jaeggi and Emanuel Rossetti) and the publishing project Used Future (with Emanuel Rossetti and Dan Solbach). Sometimes he takes on the role of Tobias Radisson, a famous french Masterthief.

PAMELA ROSENKRANZ(*1979) artworks could be described as interventions effecting in shifts in the perception of space. Related
to this is a certain fascination with the inde?niteness of time, a subject that the artist often explores. Patterns, mirroring, and the interplay of presence and emptiness are the means that Rosenkranz frequently employs in her installations to visualize those concerns.
She took part in the 5th Berlin biennale, Manifesta 7 (2008) and will show a solo project at Art Basel Statements in 2009.

Dealing with questions of landscape photography EMANUEL ROSETTI (*1987) mostly works in the urban environment. Working on very strict concepts, his photographs and drawings are often based on repetitive topologies, presented as framed c-prints, huge inkjets or projections. Collaborating with artist Mathis Altmann, Emanuel Rossetti is working on various ongoing book projects, dealing with contemporary distribution possibilities. Being part of the Basel-based Art Space New Jerseyy, the publishing house Used Future and The Ettore Sottsass Museum, Rossetti acts as a curator, organising exhibitions and publications.

Karma International has been founded by Karolina Dankow and Marina Leuenberger in September 2006 in Zurich as a platform for international emerging artists never before shown in Switzerland. In autumn 2008 Karma International changed its status and since then has worked as a commercial gallery representing selected artists.
Apart from working with selected artists, Karma International realises special projects, which are an important element, as they lead to new collaborations, provide flexibility and enable a spontaneous way of reacting towards new tendencies in art. We also understand it as a cultural responsibility to provide a scene for young artists who play an important role in the art world but have not had a chance to show in Switzerland. In that sense we also invite guest curators, hold lectures and organise performances in collaboration with institutions such as Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst Zürich or Kunsthalle Zurich and international galleries.
Our programme is characterized by artists with a conceptual approach as well as unique aesthetical strategies. There is an emphasis on installation and sculpture. However, the diversity in media is inherent to our practice.

Image: Fabian Marti, The Will, 2008, ink jet print on paper, 180 x 117 cm, courtesy the artist and Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich


Friday, 3.04
Willa Żoliborz, Pogonowskiego 22
from 19.00 Opening party
"Soirée Surprise, Tableaux Vivant" - a performance by Tobias Madison, Emmanuel Rossetti, Pamela Rosenkranz, and Fabian Marti - reinterpretation of a performance by John Armleder
21.00 CONCERT: Kamp!
22.30 DJ: Ctrl Alt

Saturday, 4.04
Raster Gallery, Hoża 42/8
18.00 - 21.00 Private view
"WORDS" - performance by Hallman
20.00 and 21.00 bus transport from Raster to Willa Żoliborz

Willa Żoliborz, Pogonowskiego 22
from 20.00 After party
20.00 - 23.00 CONCERT: Kwadratowi
23.00 DJ: Wiktor Skok

Sunday, 5.04
Willa Żoliborz, Pogonowskiego 22
12.00 - 19.00 Willa open for visitors
from 19.00 Closing Party
19.30 - 20.00 CONCERT: Adam Repucha
20.00 - 21.00 CONCERT: Przepraszam
21.30 - 22.30 CONCERT: Polpo Motel

Saturday, 16.05
Raster Gallery, Hoża 42/8
19.00 - 1.00 Closing Party (MUSEUM NIGHT)

non stop:
Christopher Williams, NASA, Anne-Lise Coste, René Laloux & Roland Topor, Werner Herzog, Claude Lelouch, Cyprien Gaillard, Lucy Pawlak, Fluxus, Paul McCarthy

Tickets for the evening events at Willa Żoliborz sold at Raster or at the Willa before concerts. Limited number of tickets.
Price: 10 PLN.

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Event Horizon
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