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Open e v + a 2009

Various locations, Limerick

Reading the City

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Curators: Angelika Nollert & Yilmaz Dziewior

OPEN e v + a 2009, Ireland's pre-eminent annual exhibition of contemporary art, now in its 33rd year, opens to the public on March 14th. Selected by Angelika Nollert and Yilmaz Dziewior the exhibition will present the work of 36 artists drawn from 14 countries of Continental Europe, Asia and the Americas. A variety of art-formal and alternative sites throughout Limerick's city – centre chosen by the curators include the Limerick City Gallery of Art, Istabraq Hall at Limerick City Hall, the Hunt Museum, the former Art College among others.

Artists participating in OPEN e v+ a 2009 / Reading the City:
Nevin Aladag (Turkey/Germany); Andreas Bunte (Germany); Lynda Devenney (Ireland); Willie Doherty (N.Ireland); Andrea Faciu (Romania/Germany); Andreas Fogarasi (Austria); Jan Freuchen (Norway); Garvan Gallagher (Ireland); William Hamilton (Ireland); Diango Hernandez (Cuba/Germany); Michele Horrigan (Ireland); Florian Hüttner (Germany); Luis Jacob (Canada); Daniel Knorr (Romania/Germany); Jakob Kolding (Denmark/Germany); Nicky Larkin (Ireland); An Te Liu (Canada); Sean Lynch (Ireland); Eduardo Daniel Navarro (Argentina); Vukasin Nedeljkovic (Serbia/Ireland); Seamus Nolan (Ireland); Isabella Oberländer (Austria/Ireland); Eoin O'Conaill (Ireland); Siobhan Ogilvy (Ireland); David O'Kane (Ireland); Eamon O'Kane (Ireland); John O'Reilly (Ireland); Alan Phelan (Ireland); Marjetica Potrč (Slovenia); Gavin Redmond (Ireland); Tom Ryan (Ireland); Jochen Schmith (Germany); Donal Sheehan (Ireland); Nicole Six/Paul Petritsch (Austria); Stefanos Tsivopoulos (Greece); Olaf Unverzart (Germany).

2009 Curators' Statement:
This exhibition is about the multiple perception of urban space. As a theme 'Reading' in this context develops two perspectives. It refers to the reception of City as a linguistic structure, to the 'limerick' as a famous poetic structure, and most of all, the title reacts to those artists' approaches that deal with urban questions from different angles within a great variety of media: installations, photography, drawings and paintings as well as text and sound pieces and performances. They negotiate how the city can be read, identified and classified; they comment on how place is generated, transformed and developed within political, economic, cultural and social aspects. How is identity shaped through the place one lives in? How can a city be characterized through architecture, sound, found material and the surfaces of traces?
The exhibition negotiates the validity of a portrait of a city and its inhabitants

The broad selection of 36 artists from 15 countries, deal with these topics showing both the urgency of the issues and their individual approach to them. A lot of new and extensive projects are especially developed for "OPEN e v+ a 2009 / Reading the City."

The different venues and their specific history can be read as signifiers of different aspects of Limerick's past and present: the historical buildings of the Limerick City Gallery of Art as the former City Library and Museum, the Hunt Museum as the former Custom House, as well as the modernist architecture of the old Limerick School of Art and Design on George's Quay and the postmodern City Hall. They indicate the central social tasks of cultural accumulation, education, learning and administration.

Image: Jochen Schmith, the Right to be Lazy, installation, Hunt Museum; photo Sean Curtin

For further details please contact:
Rachel Dalton
Rachel Dalton Communications Tel: 01 6787990

Opening: Friday 13th March 2009 at 7pm
at: Limerick City Gallery of Art,
Pery Square, Limerick
by Mary Cloake, Director, The Arts Council

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