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Borgo Santa Croce, 8
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David Roberts
dal 6/4/2009 al 15/4/2009
lun - giov 16-19, ven su appuntamento

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David Roberts

Hype Gallery, Firenze

Viaggio attraverso una lente. Per questa esposizione di stampe a tecnica mista e fotografie, l'artista ha impiegato linguaggi nuovi o tradizionali per esplorare strutture, colori e spazi della citta' di Firenze.

comunicato stampa

I was born and brought up in a remote area of Kenya, on the shores of Lake Baringo. The endless horizons, vast landscapes, changing colours and patterns of organic form have always inspired me, and are deeply engrained in my art. Living in Florence I am fascinated by the architectural order of the city and its relationship to the natural environment, everything has its place.

"Journey Through a Lens" is an exhibition where I have used traditional and new techniques to explore the interrelating patterns, colours and space of Florence. Using a pinhole camera I made from a matchbox, produced images of fused light and atmosphere. The mood and effect of these images influenced my mixed media prints, derived from my drawings and digital photos in and around the city. A variety of printmaking techniques were explored to create my personal portrayal of the ever changing landscapes and forms of Florence.

David Roberts

Opening Tuesday, April 7 at 6:00pm

Hype Gallery
Borgo Santa Croce, 8 - Firenze
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Steven Polacco
dal 15/7/2009 al 28/7/2009

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