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Euart 2009

Arclinea / Rimadesio, Boston

An annual cultural exchange, bringing European artists to the US and American artists to Europe. This exhibition features 19 Italian contemporary artists.

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Art lovers, be ready for a most fashionable art exhibition. With the auspices of the Italian Government and the patronage of the Consulate General of Italy in Boston and Miami and the Italian Cultural Institute in New York and San Francisco, EUART 2009 opens in Boston with an exhibit that runs from May 1 – 31.

The EUART tour is an annual cultural exchange, bringing European artists to the US and American artists to Europe. The splendid Arclinea Boston/Rimadesio Boston showroom, located in the vibrant design district, will host the Boston leg of the exhibition, providing a sophisticated and chic setting for the contemporary creations of EUART artists.

A passionate supporter of contemporary design and the arts, Philip Guarino, owner of the Arclinea and Rimadesio showrooms, says: “At Arclinea and Rimadesio, we’re dedicated to designing elegant, welcoming, and innovative home interiors. EUART, which gathers the most provocative, passionate, and beautiful artwork from Italy’s best contemporary artists, is an ideal partner for us, and we are thrilled to share their exhibit with our friends and clients here in Boston.”
On May 21st EUART will celebrate the kick off of its 2009 tour with a special cocktail reception/event for press/media and invited guests at Arclinea Boston/Rimadesio Boston, 10 St. James Avenue in Boston. Consul General Liborio Stellino will provide details about an exciting party to mark the closing of the Boston exhibition, scheduled for June 2, 2009 (the anniversary of the founding of the Italian Republic) at the attic of the Federal Reserve Building in downtown Boston. The EUART 2009 tour will then move on to Miami, Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

EUART 2009 features nineteen Italian contemporary artists: Annalisa Silingardi, Carla Veronese, Fausto Cerutti, Liliana Scocco, Carla Abbondi, Ignazio Fresu, Riccardo Gori, Laura Fabris, Nicla Ferrari, Federica Rossi, Laura Pozzar, Elisabetta Mastro, Paolo Gaveglia, Paolo Dongu, Vincenzo Izzo, Roberta Conigliaro, Milly Corica, Coral Torrents, Debora Trovato. EUART 2009 also features four artists as ‘special guests’ from the previous editions: Roby Carullo, Giovanni Mangiacapra, Salvatore Sferrazza, Giuseppe Ribechi.

Arclinea / Rimadesio
10 St. James Avenue - Boston

Euart 2009
dal 30/4/2009 al 1/6/2009

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