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And Things of That Nature
dal 14/5/2009 al 6/6/2009
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And Things of That Nature

Boston Center for the Arts, Inc. , Boston

A group show. On dosplay a series of new projects by masters degree candidates at the MIT Visual Arts Program. Works by Haseeb Waqar Ahmed, Gina Badger, Caitlin Berrigan, Jaekyung Jung, Jin Jung, Matthew Mazzotta, Alexander Rosenberg, Jegan Vincent de Paul, Jess Wheelock.

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And Things of That Nature is an exhibition of new projects by masters degree candidates at the MIT Visual Arts Program.

The Visual Arts Program
Under the aegis of the School of Architecture and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the MIT Visual Arts Program operates as a critical production- and education-based laboratory within the context of an advanced technological community. The graduate program explores the role of art in society and considers artistic practice as knowledge production and offers a Masters of Science in Visual Studies.

The Mills Gallery
The Boston Center for the Arts Mills Gallery is dedicated to presenting exciting contemporary works by local, regional, national, and international visual artists and curators. During each exhibition, the BCA provides multiple opportunities to engage with the artwork and artists through its Artist Talk series and other related events. The Mills Gallery is the BCA's non-profit gallery. Exhibitions and public programs are free and open to the public.

Projects by

Haseeb Waqar Ahmed
Using the MIT windtunnel, Ahmed replicates and sustains the moment of midstrike in a Shamshir sword. The installation presented at Mills Gallery documents this attempt to draw a straight line through history.

Gina Badger
The Little Dig
The first in a series of projects that use the actions of gardening as strategic points of departure to develop a vocabulary of urban intervention. Here, digging is a central metaphor referencing infrastructural development, the history of urban gardening in the US, research, and the fostering of collective political agency through all three.

Caitlin Berrigan

Berrigan's work investigates ideas of interdependence using materials associated with both nutritional sustenance and fear of contamination. Milk and blood, as well as disembodied casts of her own internal organs, expose the complex possibilities of interrelation between bodies, particularly in an age when organ transplants and other radical forms of exchange are increasingly part of a globalized economy.

Jaekyung Jung

Through disarmingly simple strategies like having a collaborator wearing a drum with the message 'Hit Here If You Feel Victimized,' or wandering the streets of Boston wearing a mirror, the videos of Jaekyung Jung explore civic agency in public space. In each project, Jung has orchestrated a situation where viewers are asked to question their assumptions about socially accepted norms.

Jin Jung
a play: Between Me and You
Jung directs situations to give attention to relationships that surround us. She writes and hands out text that can instruct and give background to these situations. At the gallery, viewers will find props she has created that can be performed with their bodies. These performing objects mediate the interaction between us.

Matthew Mazzotta

Insertion Module
Designed for a buildings negative spaces, it stands completely camouflaged in the facade until taken out and transformed. This Insertion Module finds its home under a staircase of an industrial building in Cambridge, Massachusetts, until it is pulled into the street and transforms into a tea house. Now on display at the Mills gallery.

Alexander Rosenberg
Rosenberg's work explores identity through longing and failure. In his installation, 'Enoch Robinson's Desert de Retz,' Rosenberg recreates on his own terms the life and work of Enoch Robinson, an eccentric inventor who built a perfectly round house in Somerville, Massachusetts in 1856.

Jegan Vincent de Paul
///COUNTER is a hybrid platform combining art, science and economics. With this platform, Vincent de Paul wishes to find creative solutions to problems faced by societies in conflict. More on ///COUNTER at

Jess Wheelock

Using video, performance, sculpture, and photography, Jess Wheelock depicts episodes of calamity on a small personal scale: everyday disasters that lie somewhere between banality and significance. The scenes created by Wheelock suggest a struggle against limitation and a desire for wholeness and happiness − all of which are infused with irony and absurdity.

Thanks to José Luis Blondet, Curator, Visual Arts, Boston Center for the Arts. Funded in part by the Council for the Arts at M.I.T.

Press contact:
Sean Horrigan 617-426-1522

The opening reception, free and open to the public, will be on May 15 from 6 to 8 pm.

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And Things of That Nature
dal 14/5/2009 al 6/6/2009

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