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Blood Drive
dal 15/7/2009 al 3/9/2009

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Blood Drive

Zach Feuer Gallery, New York

An exhibition compromised by Kate Levant

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An exhibition compromised by Kate Levant. The show will conclude with a blood drive at the gallery on September 2 and 3. It is based on the phrase-notion: "a 'renewal of perception' though i wasn't quite sure what that meant i thought i'd open it up to a few artist i knew well, and some i didn't know too well at all, but thought would twist the situation i was trying to imagine." To register to donate, please contact the gallery. In addition to work by Levant, the display will include contributions by Noel Anderson, BOBO, Brian Faucette, Michael E. Smith, Elaine Stocki and Jacques Vidal.

Anton Henning
dal 10/9/2010 al 15/10/2010

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