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Coleman and Smith
dal 10/5/2002 al 15/6/2002
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Brian Coleman
Molly Smith

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Coleman and Smith

LFL Gallery, New York

Brian Coleman will be exhibiting a series of 'Conservation Saints', a group of small sculptures of 19th century American conservationists depicted as saints. Sources for Brooklyn artist Molly Smiths's black, white, and gray landscapes might be antique post cards and travel books, other peoplesí road-trip Polaroids, or her own travel snaps and on-the-spot sketches and memories.

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LFL Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of two naturalist artists: Brian Coleman and Molly Smith. The exhibition opens on May 11 from 6 to 8PM and runs through June 15.

Brian Coleman
Brian Coleman will be exhibiting a series of "Conservation Saints", a group of small sculptures of 19th century American conservationists depicted as saints. Included in the series are Johnny Appleseed, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Frederick Law Olmsted, Teddy Roosevelt and others. The painted epoxy, folky figurines stand no more then twelve inches on their bases (a mountain ledge for John Muir, a large sunflower for Walt Whitman and a political stage for Roosevelt). The saints' poses are based on a mix of historical photographs and traditional depiction's of Catholic saints.

Brian, originally from Iowa, lives and works in New York. He has previously exhibited at White Columns and the Sculpture Center. This will be Brian's first exhibition at LFL.

Molly Smith
Painted in gouache and ink on paper her tree branches, snow flakes, mountain ridges, telephone poles are all rendered with disarmingly graceful calligraphy. Stylistically the works evoke mid-20th century decorative graphics and photography filtered through a contemporary sensibility. Emotionally they register as elegant, sometimes sentimental, American mementos; and as tinted windows into Smithís delicate melancholic world.

Molly recently graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and has exhibited in Rirkrit Tiravanija's "Ver Magazine" and was chosen by Vanessa Beecroft for the Tirana Biennale. This will be her first exhibition in New York.

Reception: Saturday, May 11, 6-8PM

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I'll Speak, You Sing
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