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Whose Exhibition Is This?
dal 18/9/2009 al 21/11/2009

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Whose Exhibition Is This?

Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei

Workshops, events, exhibiting mechanisms, and performances

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VIVA, Koki Tanaka, Angelika Middendorf+Andreas Schimanski, Yang-Huei Chiang, Cheng-Ta Yu+Larry Shao, Michael Lee Hong-Hwee+Ling-Nah Tang, Hu Fang, Manray Hsu, Xu Tan, Raqs Media Collective, Wei-Li Yeh, nofearsam921

Curator Fang-Wei Chang

Organizer: Taipei Fine Arts Museum In collaboration with Para/Site art space

What association can the title "Whose Exhibition Is This?" draw? This is the starting point of the exhibition, and the inquiry embodies further questions concerning an exhibition: Who are the authors? For whom an exhibition is created? And what apparatus is an exhibition produced and mediated? These questions address one single important issue,i.e. the objectivity of an exhibition−Why is an exhibition created at all?— to reflect on the fundamental problematic of art. The "individual" of these questions might refer to artists, curators, art administrators, culture policy makers, critics, gallerists, collectors, educators, and spectators among others. The entire reproduction system and ecology of arts constituted by these divisions of labors has incorporated multiple structures of power, through their sophisticated interconnections, in turns to affirm the subjectivity of each role.

The exhibition attempts to extend the notion of the institution, in continuation of the institutional critiques since the 1960's, beyond mere displaying physical spaces to their ideological spaces where power relations are deployed. Especially during the 90's when the curating practice itself has become an form of institutional critique, the very definition of art exhibition has been transgressed and thus been reinvented to cope its related cultural spheres. Here lies the possibility that the institution of art itself is not only the problematic, but possible the resolution— not only to create a new for the old but also to subvert from within –- can change the nature of it.

Taking "whose exhibition?" as a framework, this exhibition discusses topics such as the production of knowledge, the ecology of art, the role of museums and viewers, art education, ownership, and originality. It attempts to investigate the existing condition of art production from perspective of temporal experimental micro-institutions. Therefore, an engage with the participating artists in open communications and collaborations to reconsider the position of audiences is needed. Various experiments, workshops, events, exhibiting mechanisms, and performances are organized to probe the ontological stance of an art exhibition. An open dialogue can be initiated together from all the participants—artists, curators, audience, critics, and art educators—for a new discursive space of art production.


About "Keywords School"−A Conversation between Xu Tan and Hu Fang.
19 September, 2009, 2:30-4:00 pm

Consulting the Supernatural, a live supernatural consulting performance by Michael Lee Hong-Hwee+Ling-Nah Tang
19 September, 2009. 6:30-8:00 pm

Looking for Liu Wen Zheng, or A Short-Story on Remembering for Future−A Performative Conversation between Hu Fang and Kung-Shing Lee.
20 September, 2009, 3:00-4:30pm


Art Market
Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya
25 September, 2009, 10:00am-6:00pm

Hypothesis and Reverberations: What If This Is Your Exhibition?(an open critique/dialogue between Taiwanese artists in the exhibition and workshop participants.)
Wei-Li Yeh
11-12 November, 2009, 2:00pm-5:00pm

Open Call for The Museum in My Camera
A special project by Manray Hsu
Panel discussion: 28 October, 2009

Image: Raqs Media Collective, Image Diptych, 24 inches x 16 inches. Inkjet print on archival paper

Taipei Fine Arts Museum
181, Zhong Shan N. Road, Sec. 3, Taipei, Taiwan

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