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L'image cabree (The untamed image)
dal 20/9/2009 al 6/11/2009
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L'image cabree (The untamed image)

Fondation d'Entreprise Ricard, Paris

11th Ricard Foundation Prize

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Judicael Lavrador has been chosen as the curator for this 11th edition of the Ricard Foundation Prize. He introduces 9 French artists who have immigrated to or emigrated from France: Karina Bisch, Sophie Bueno-Boutellier, Damien Cadio, Etienne Chambaud, Mark Geffriaud, Jimmy Robert, Clement Rodzielski, Oscar Tuazon, Ida tursica & Wilfried Mille. These artists have in common to try and take in hand the impalpable and disembodied images circulating nowadays on our flat screens. The "untamed image" thus refers to a type of images which direct the look and spur it on at the same time as they "puncture" their medium. They constitute a way to represent the world in its thickness, its curves and its asperities, to re-inscribe the stages in their creation at the core of the pieces. In the end, they also allow artists to have a hand in the game. Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille is the winners of the Ricard Foundation Prize 2009.

The order of fireflies
dal 13/9/2015 al 30/10/2015

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