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Pablo Picasso
dal 17/9/2009 al 5/1/2010
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Pablo Picasso

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Pablo Picasso

Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki

Masterpieces from the National Picasso Museum

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An advocate of peace, his finger always on the pulse, the inventor of cubism and maker of collages out of everyday materials, Pablo Picasso is one of the key artists of the 20th century. The grand exhibition of Ateneum's autumn season presents this master who reinvented his art time after time with inexhaustible creativity, finding his subject matter under the blazing Spanish sun and in the decadent atmosphere of the backstreet cafés of Paris. There is an exceptionally wide-ranging selection of Picasso's work on show in Helsinki: paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs, bull fights, doves and lovers, portraits, landscapes and still lifes – some two hundred works in total. These travel to Ateneum from the Musée National Picasso in Paris, its director Anne Baldassari being the exhibition curator. Helsinki is the only Scandinavian city hosting this exhibition.

In the spirit of Picasso on Ateneum's third floor

Many Finnish artists have been interested in the different periods of Picasso's art since the 1910s. The focus display on Ateneum's third floor features works by sixteen Finnish artists. It also shows ten prints of Picasso from Ateneum's collections. In the Spirit of Picasso is open until 6 Jan 2010.

Introductions to the Picasso exhibition

Contrary to normal practice, there are no guided tours available in Ateneum's Picasso exhibition. Instead you can book an introduction to the exhibition, arranged in the museum's auditorium. Ateneum's expert guides talk about Picasso's art and life and the exhibition themes with use of pictures.

You can also have a guide come to talk about Picasso and Ateneum's exhibition in your own premises within the Helsinki Metropolitan Region.

Pablo Picasso: The Kiss (1969) © Succession Picasso 2009 Kuvasto; © photo RMN / Jean-Gilles Berizzi

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