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Speed Painting 1
dal 12/2/2010 al 1/3/2010

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Galerie Magda Danysz

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Speed Painting 1

Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris

A group show

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Pain faster than you shoot, fight for your survival. In a world what is at stake in terms of painting is every day harder to express, the gallery puts up a show were the artists are invited to paint on a identical canvas a piece in 99 minutes. As an answer to the recuring question "How long di did take the artist to do this piece ?" the challenge is a tribute to the artists' technique and talent. This new experience is a reflection about art, techniques, work, creation, and the artist as much as the criteria in art evaluation. It is about defining what establishes the value of art. By confronting each artist, the challenge aims at raising questions. In this way Speed Painting opens the discussion about contemporary figurative and abstract painting. The six final pieces allow each visitor to ask themselves a lot of question about the 21st century art.

dal 23/10/2015 al 27/11/2015

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