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Scope Art Fair

Lincoln Center, New York

The event invitees to solo and thematic group shows presented alongside museum-quality programming, collector tours, screenings, and special events. 'Markt' features a range of designers whose work cross-pollinates with the art world. In addition, to further support the creative positioning of Scope 2010 Markt, a series of installations will be organized in collaboration with exhibiting designers and leading figures in art and fashion. 'Political Revolution in My Basement', curated by Martha Colburn features a selection of films and videos by contemporary international artists.

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Building on Miami's overwhelming success, SCOPE launches its 2010 season with its flagship fair, SCOPE New York Art Show. SCOPE proudly returns to Manhattan's most famous cultural icon, Lincoln Center, with a glass facade pavilion situated in Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park, at the corner of 62nd Street and 10th Avenue. SCOPE New York is just blocks from the Armory Show and serviced daily by shuttles and pedicabs.

Last year's fair featured galleries from four continents and 20 countries, including China, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Spain, and Canada. SCOPE New York's invitees will uphold its unique tradition of solo and thematic group shows presented alongside museum-quality programming, collector tours, screenings, and special events. The fair opens to Press, SCOPE and Armory VIPs on Wednesday, March 3, 3-9pm with the FirstView benefit, a $100 charitable donation for all non-VIP cardholders.

Introducing artists, curators, and cutting-edge galleries to new audiences internationally has made SCOPE the most comprehensive destination for the emerging art world available anywhere. With art fairs in Miami, Basel, New York, London, and the Hamptons, SCOPE is proud to be an influential presence in the expanding global art market.

SCOPE NEW_YORK Exhibitor List:

ada gallery | Richmond
AGENCY | New York
Anonymous Gallery | New York
aureus contemporary | Providence
Berlin Art Projects | Berlin
Bonelli ArteContemporanea | Mantova
carol jazzar | Miami
ChinaSquare Gallery | New York
Christopher Henry Gallery | New York
Christopher Paschall Galeria (S.XXI) | Bogota
Civilian Art Projects | Washington, D.C.
David B. Smith Gallery | Denver
dpm gallery | Guayaquil
Eleanor Harwood Gallery | San Francisco
Frosch & Portmann | New York
Gagliardi Art System | Torino
Galeria Contrast | Barcelona
Galerie Andreas Binder | Munich
Galerie von Braunbehrens | Munich
gallery nine5 | New York
Gallery Yeh | Seoul
Golden Thread Gallery | Belfast
Grizzly | New York
Hardcore Art Contemporary Space | Miami
hous projects | New York | Los Angeles
jackie paper | Brooklyn
Kunsthaus Santa Fe | Santa Miguel de Allende
KWANHOON gallery | Seoul
Lincart | San Francisco
Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery | Miami
Mike Weiss Gallery | New York
Mimmo Scognamiglio Gallery | Milan
Mironova Gallery | Ukraine
New Image Art | W Hollywood
Opus Art | Newcastle Upon Tyne
Program Gallery | Warsaw
RARE | New York
Station Independent Projects | Brooklyn
Symbolic Collection | San Diego
The Pool NYC | Brooklyn
TZR Galerie Kai Bruckner | Dusseldorf
Wada Garou Co., Ltd. | Tokyo
White Box | New York
Wilde Gallery | Berlin
Witzenhausen Gallery | Amsterdan
x-ist | Istanbul
X-Power Gallery | Taipei


About Markt
SCOPE Miami 2009 saw the launch of SCOPE Markt, a fashion focused exhibition that drew high acclaim. SCOPE New York 2010 will see the second incarnation of "Markt" with the appointment of Diane Pernet, a leading fashion journalist and the creator of 'A Shaded View on Fashion' blog and film festival. "I was very excited when I heard about the SCOPE project because what interests me the most now is the interaction between fashion, art and film," says Diane Pernet. "There are many designers that just make clothes and there are others who are linked to art and creation. Their work blurs the boundaries of what is normally considered art or fashion. In addition to the fashion/art curation I will be screening a selection of out of competition films from the second edition of ASVOFF. I have two main loves, fashion and film and this exhibition gives me the opportunity to combine the two." Markt will feature a range of designers whose work cross-pollinates with the art world. In addition, to further support the creative positioning of SCOPE 2010 Markt, a series of installations will be organized in collaboration with exhibiting designers and leading figures in art and fashion.

Mission Statement
You know, fashion is either put on a pedestal or hung on a hanger. How did that happen? What's on the racks can sometimes be touching but it's seldom thrilling. The most bewitching fashion only ever leaves the catwalk when it's lifeless in a magazine or suffocating in a glass box at some museum. I don't know if fashion is necessarily art but I do know that it deserves to be inhabited by people who ache for it the same way others do for art. What's not fair is that great contemporary art is for sale while great contemporary fashion usually isn't. So this was my motivation when curating The Scope Contemporary Fashion Fair. You can step back and contemplate these pieces like meaningful sculptures or you can buy them and wear them like they ultimately should be. The point for me is that at least they will be accessible to an engaging audience - and hopefully a real life client - not just for someone studying them through the prism of an abstract image. They're close enough to devour and they're ready to be consumed. Just like art.
- Diane Pernet
Markt Curator & Founder of ASVOF/ A Shaded View on Fashion

Markt 2010 - Designers


SCOPE Film Schedule

Thursday | March 4 | Martha Colburn presents | "Political Revolution in my Basement"
Friday | March 5 | A Shaded View on Fashion Film curated by Diane Pernet presents | a day of film
Saturday | March 6 | Zach Layton presents | "d.i.y. sci-fi"
Sunday | March 7 | Divya Mehra and Rammy Lee Park present | "The Interruption" a hyperreal installation and selection of films from the MFA Film Program at Columbia University

SCOPE Film Program

Thursday March 4 | Martha Colburn
Martha Colburn Presents | "Political Revolution in my Basement"

Political Revolution in My Basement, curated by Martha Colburn will feature a selection of films and videos by contemporary international artists. The lineup for Political Revolution in My Basement includes: Jamie Mohr, Joe Gibbons, Felix Kubin, Jad Fair, Michael Rudnick, Felipe Waller, Martha Colburn and Richard Cohen.

Martha Colburn was born in 1971 and raised in the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania (USA). Based in Holland and New York since 2000. A self-taught filmmaker, she has completed over 40 films since 1994. Based in Baltimore, Maryland in the 90's, she self-released six records and toured American and European cinemas and music venues with her work. In 2000 she moved to Holland for the Rijksakademie Van Beeldende Kunst art residency, where she created installations, prints and paintings which were presented in Europe, China and New Zealand art institutions. Her films have screened successive years in Sundance, Rotterdam and New York Film Festivals and In the Fortnight of New Directors at Cannes Film Festival in 2005. Recently she contributed animation to Jeff Feuerzeig's documentary "The Devil and Daniel Johnson". Her work has shown in the Whitney Biennial (2006), Centre Pompidou, Andy Warhol Museum and the Museum of Modern Art (NY). She has collaborated with musicians Jad Fair, Eye Yamatsuka, and Deerhoof on her soundtracks and self-released 6 albums of her own music.

Martha Colburn has been featured in exhibitions and film festivals around the world including at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Queens, NY, Musee d Art Moderne et Contemporain de Strasbourg, France, Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon, France, Serpentine Gallery, London, UK, Anthology Film Archive, New York, NY, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, LT, Nanjing Art Institute Gallery, Nanjing, China, Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge, MA, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Rotterdam, NL, Sundance Film Festival, Park City, UT, New York Underground Film Festival, New York, NY.

Friday March 5 | A Shaded View on Fashion Film
A Shaded View on Fashion Film curated by Diane Pernet presents a day of film

A Shaded View on Fashion Film shakes up the old rules of fashion by putting the focus on the moving image, in an industry long dominated by the "still" photographic medium. In the time of digital, film has become the freshest way for fashion makers to draw attention to their work. Revolving around a selection of short films, the common thread is the use of fashion, beauty and/or style; a study in the drama, power and personification that fashion evokes and commands on screen. Since its premier in 2008 at the Jeu de Paume National Gallery, the program of short films has traveled to institutions like the Guggenheim Bilbao, Cinema Rise X in Tokyo, the Chelsea Arts Club in London; fashion events such as AltaRoma in Rome and many others around the world - Seoul, Riga and Mexico City to name just a few; and screenings at festivals like Hyeres, Festival 9 in Vienna and the Arnhem Biennale.

Diane Pernet of A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival presents a selection of films including works by Michael Nyman, Erwin Olaf, Steven Klein, Bianca Pilet, Benjamin Seroussi, Camille Vivier & Sanghon Kim, Malcolm Pate, Vincent Gagliostro, Georgie Greville, Fumiko Imano, Suzie Q & Leo Siboni, Andrea Splisgar, Elisha Smith-Leverock, Chris Cunningham, Sara Dunlop, Griffin, Mattias Montero, Ruth Hogben, Justin Anderson, A Shaded View, Johan Renck, Manuel Miranda, Diane Pernet & Matthew Hawkins, Jun Takahashi, Igor Zimmermann, Frode Fjerdingstad, Marcus Palmqvist, Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, Nick Knight, Eric Smith, Alia Raza, Ada Bligaard Soby and Pacome Thiellement.

Soundtrack mix includes: Francois Bayle, Frank Zappa, Einsturzende Neubauten, Terry Fox, Christian Fennesz.
All text from F.T. Marinetti's Futurist Manifesto (1909) & Manifesto on Futurist Cinema (1916).
Commissioned by Performa 09

Saturday March 6 | Zach Layton
Zach Layton presents | "d.i.y. sci-fi"

Zach Layton presents d.i.y. sci-fi featuring films by artist Meredith Drum, Shana Moulton, Jillian McDonald and Bradley Eros + Tim Geraghty Damon Packard, Alyssa Taylor Wendt, Craig Baldwin, Vicki Bennett, Jessie Stead, Damon Packard, Jeannie Liotta, Felix Kubin & Mariola Brillowska, Jen Liu.

Works include Jillian McDonald’s, Apocolypse Zombie, high definition video, 5:44 Minutes (loop), 2009 courtesy of Rosenthal Gallery, San Francisco.
Also included in d.i.y. sci-fi is TRANSTRANS (TRANSFORMERS Transformed) by Bradley Eros and Tim Geraghty (2009, 12 minutes, HD / digital video) and Alyssa Taylor Wendt, You the Vandal NTSC Video, 19 minutes (c) 2008.

Sunday March 7 | Divya Mehra and Rammy Lee Park

Divya Mehra and Rammy Lee Park present | "The Interruption" a day of film and hyperreal installation in collaboration with the MFA film program at Columbia University

interrupt verb [ trans. ]
1 stop the continuous progress of (an activity or process) : the buzzer interrupted his thoughts.
- stop (someone speaking) by saying or doing something : "Of course..." Shepherd began, but his son interrupted him | [with direct speech ] "Hold on," he interrupted.
2 break the continuity of (a line or surface) : the coastal plain is interrupted by chains of large lagoons.
- obstruct (something, esp. a view).

ORIGIN late Middle English : from Latin interrupt- 'broken, interrupted,' from the verb interrumpere, from inter- 'between' + rumpere 'to break.'

The artistry of interruption is best experienced in New York City's Chinatown district, where one is incessantly inundated with all levels interruptions; pushy street vendors, distressed children, screeching traffic, fortune tellers grabbing you by the left arm while bookies in secret shops grab your right arm in attempts to convince you to bet against the Jets. With so much over-stimulation it's a miracle that our ears still perk up at even the faintest whispers in this neighborhood, as though we were waiting to hear something meaningful. "Gucci? Prada? Rolex...Rolex?" Camouflaged amongst Chinatown's congestion, it's very easy to walk right by one of tens of dozens of secret hawkers, passive aggressively trying to push the the latest knock-off Chanel clutch. However unlike everything else happening in Chinatown, individuals actually come from all over New York and abroad to seek out these vendors. They hide in alleys promising good bargains, concealing their counterfeit goods in large black garbage bags or suitcases with wheels; that allow for a quick get-away from the authorities. The most inventive of these vendors will lead you into their storefront shop, which appears to sell perfume, belts, scarves and video-games, into a back-room or a basement. Those brave enough to venture this far in are rewarded with knockoffs of the highest quality.

In collaboration with the MFA film program at Columbia University Mehra and Park present a day of film and hyperreal installation based on the technique of interruption; that is the idea to create a break or freeze of what is currently happening forcing a change in direction or thought.

The collaboration will unfold simultaneously. The first part is a hyperreal installation specifically created for the SCOPE Art Fair and aptly titled The Interruption ['10]. The intention is to create an installation where it becomes difficult to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Multimedia artist Mehra, will install 25 performers who will situate themselves throughout the fair and attempt to hawk masterpiece counterfeit works of art. Much like the hawkers in Chinatown they carry large black garbage bags, suitcases, dress in dark plain clothing and most importantly, all be of the same ethnicity. Do we shy away from these men or report them to security as we begin to notice one after the other? Are we afraid of our misconceptions? Or during these recessionary times do we rush over to buy knockoffs and score a deal at the fair? Although it is in sharp contrast to the method which Mehra usually presents her work, the intentions are similar: to question ideas of cultural identity, race, and our preconceived notions of the other.

The second component to the collaboration are films from Columbia's MFA Film department; a program curated by Rammy Lee Park and Divya Mehra. The program experiments with narrative storytelling, creating extraordinary tales out of imagined experiences. A few of the chosen works include, Recess ['09], which attempts to explore teenage rebellion, pinpointing the exact moment in a girl's life when childhood is violently interrupted to make way for adult responsibilities. At Night I Wake To Dream ['08], touches on an active dream-life used as a means to escape reality - but reality will always interrupt fantasy. These, along with a few select works, impose interruptions in multiple ways to reveal fragile inner desires and offer varied interpretations of what it means to be interrupted, or to interrupt.

All filmmakers and artists involved are candidates for or graduates of the School of the Arts at Columbia University.

Personal Development Auction:
First Bid | Wednesday March 3
Public Bid | March 4 - 6 | SCOPE Pavilion
Closing Bid | Saturday March 6 | 6pm

PDA NYC 2010, the SCOPE Art Show, People’s Revolution and artist Lilah Freedland present the Personal Development Auction (PDA), where luminaries, artisans, and icons donate one hour of their time, redeemable as mini mentorships.

This season, SCOPE presents the PDA, a unique participatory project from artist Lilah Freedland, benefiting the Scope Foundation. During the PDA, participants have the opportunity to bid on experiences like a private lesson with a top chef, a personal tour of the Columbia Brain Science Lab, a lesson in pyrotechnics, a session with the pied piper of screen printing, or lunch with a top financial planner.

The silent PDA will culminate Saturday afternoon in a Live Auction of Personal Favors. Proceeds from the auction go to the SCOPE Foundation to support artist projects. Upcomming and recent projects include: ArtFarm, an artist residency on a working farm, where artists work in the studio and in the field to contribute food and inspiration to weekly farm dinner events and goods; The Arctic Circle, a series of artist-led expeditions to The Arctic Circle aboard a traditionally rigged sailing vessel; and The Girl Project, which explores the lives of American teenage girls through photographic images they create themselves.
The mandate of the SCOPE Foundation is to help emerging contemporary artists, musicians and curators through grants, awards and acquisitions. This artist-driven 501(c)(3) was launched to fund and promote emerging contemporary art in and out of the traditional marketplace. The SCOPE Foundation provides everyone with the opportunity to be a philanthropist.

The Collector Mentorship Auction with: Arnold Lehman, Kim Levin, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Kenny Schachter, Kay Saatchi, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Eileen and Richard Eksract, Dennis Oppenheim, Rob Teeters, Terrie Sultan, Alexis Hubshman, Louisa Buck, Melva Bucksbaum and Rayomond Learsy

The mandate of the SCOPE Foundation is to help emerging contemporary artists, through grants, awards, and acquisitions. SCOPE is dedicated to not only supporting the international up-and-coming artistic community, but local schools and not-for-profit arts institutions.

People's Revolution - New York
Public Relations
Robyn Berkley

First View for all VIPs and press (or $100 donation at the door) Wednesday March 3, 3pm-9pm
Press View Wednesday March 3, 6pm-9pm

Lincoln Center Damrosch Park
62nd Street and Amsterdam (10th Avenue)
New York, NY 10023
General Admission Fair Hours
Thursday | March 4 | noon - 8pm
Friday | March 5 | noon - 8pm
Saturday | March 6 | noon - 8pm
Sunday | March 7 | noon - 6pm

Scope Art Fair
dal 2/3/2010 al 6/3/2010

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