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ICA - Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

Video Screening Programme. Six programmes of work by artists from Berlin, exploring the key social, political and aesthetic issues of contemporary Berlin.

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Video Screening Programme

Six programmes of work by artists from Berlin, exploring the key social, political and aesthetic issues of contemporary Berlin.

Friday 22nd June, 6.30 pm

Entropy and the New Monuments
The programme focusses on the city as motif, on the perception of time and space in cities and deals with the deterritorialisation of the city.

A-clip (selection) | Sandra Becker | David Krippendorff | Kathrin Lock | Pietro Sanguineti | Thomas Scheffer | Sandra Schäfer | Florian Zeyfang |

Saturday 23rd June, 4.30 pm

Urban Living
The videos show adventures, emotional dramas, stories about the live in contemporary/today's cities.

Tobias Bernstrup | Laura Bruce | (e.)Twin Gabriel | Nina Fischer/Maroan el Sani | Erik Schmidt | Annika Ström |

Saturday 23rd June, 6.30 pm

Structural Analysis
The programme presents sensitive and humorous insights into contemporary art practice and system.

Diego Schindler Castro | Raphael & Tobias Danke | Nicolas Fernandez / Mourat Cherait | Undine Goldberg | Christine Kriegerowski | Annika Ström | Olav Westphalen

Sunday 24th June, 4.30 pm

Private / Personal
The videos show different issues of human relationship, leading to the world of feelings.

Laura Bruce | Felix Stefan Huber | Zilla Leutengger | Mathilde ter Heijne | Erik Schmidt | Berit Schweska |

Sunday 24th June, 6.30 pm

Body Politics
A range of videos on strategies and perceptions of the human body and their social and cultural implications.

A-clip (selection) | Christoph Keller | Angelika Middendorf | Marisa Maza | Mathilde ter Heijne | Pietro Sanguineti | Peter Welz |

Tuesday 26th June, 6.30 pm

A wide range of videos carrying off to the world of games, from digitally shaped 3-D landscapes to philosophical, conceptual reflections.

Roland Boden | Tobias Bernstrup | Sven Flechsenhar | Dominc Eichler / Ninon Liotet | Nikolaus List | Doerte Meyer | Christoph Musiol | Andrea Rostasy | Les Schliesser | Pietro Sanguineti |

curated by Antje Weitzel

for further Information see: http://www.loop-raum.de/berlin_london

The programme is part of the month-long programme of Berlin culture, which mixes art, film, video, music, new media, performance and talks.

Berlin_london_2001 5 - 30 June 2001

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