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Deadline for application : 7 may 2002. All the information about the application to Le Pavillon -study program of the Palais de Tokyo, site for contemporary arts- is now available at the following address...

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All the information about the application to Le Pavillon -study program of the Palais de Tokyo, site for contemporary arts- is now available at the following address:

Deadline for application : 7 may 2002


Le Pavillon is a study program at the Palais de Tokyo, designed as a kind of laboratory for art and artmaking. Le Pavillon offers its participants both a space for research and discussion, and a studio to work in. Headed by Ange Leccia, Le Pavillon welcomed its first group of artists in November 2001. Work at Le Pavillon is punctuated by workshops and encounters with artists, architects, critics and curators invited by the teaching staff or the participants themselves.

For 2001-2002, the artist-teacher Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster selected the theme of art and architecture of the future as the program’s line of research. Taking as her starting point science fiction novels and films, Ms. Gonzalez-Foerster proposed to explore a specific area, i.e. Mexico, where a workshop was organized in December 2001. That experience eventually gave rise to a presentation of the show "Los Flamingos" at the Palais de Tokyo. Pierre Joseph subsequently chose to examine inter-generational transmission, while Michael Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak (M/M Paris) set to work with participants on how they were to leave some record of their experience at Le Pavillon.

For the 2002-2003 season, Le Pavillon study program will accept ten artists who would like to participate in a collective work experience that takes as its starting point an image, the Delta. Working with the teaching staff, this group will realize one or more collective projects grounded in a dynamic interaction with the staff of the Palais de Tokyo and visitors to the art center. In choosing candidates, the selection committee will focus especially on the quality of the project they propose to develop from the program’s initial idea.

Application :

- application procedures :

Candidates’ dossiers for enrollment will concentrate on their response to the following theme: the Delta, which the teaching staff proposes as an image, an idea or a line of thought.

Each candidate’s dossier, in either French or English, will include the following elements:

1/ A proposal related to the Delta, which may be photographic documentation (no more than 5 sheets, format A4), drawings (no more than 5 sheets, format A4), a text (no more than 5 pages), a film (VHS or DV running no more than 2 minutes), an audio tape or CD-Rom.

2/ A selected art dossier that is meant to present a chosen aspect of your work: either photographic documentation (no more than 3 sheets, format A4), drawings (no more than 3 sheets, format A4), a film (VHS or DV running no more than 2 minutes), an audio tape or a CD-Rom.

3/ A detailed curriculum vitae.

4/ A cover letter that mentions in particular your expectations with regard to Le Pavillon, and emphasizes both your wish and aptitude to work at Le Pavillon on a collective project.

5/ A photocopy of your national identity card or passport. Each document must indicate the first and family names of the artist.

The complete dossier must be submitted to Le Pavillon NO LATER THAN 7 MAY 2002 at the following mailing address:

Palais de Tokyo / Le Pavillon
2, rue de la Manutention
75116 Paris, France

Candidates who wish to have their dossier returned to them at the end of the selection process are requested either to pick it up personally (by appointment) at the Palais de Tokyo, or to include a self-addressed stamped envelope corresponding to the format of their dossier. Foreign candidates must include international postal coupons.
Le Pavillon will treat each dossier with care, but cannot be held responsible for loss or damage in the mail, or damage that might occur when the dossier is being examined.

Dates :

- 7 May 2002: deadline for submitting dossier
- 16 - 28 May 2002: selection committee meets to shortlist candidates by dossier
- 29 May - 3 June 2002: shortlist results are announced by mail
- 19 - 20 June: selection interviews with individual shortlisted candidates
- 24 - 28 June: results are announced by mail
Ten candidates will be admitted to the program; three additional candidates will be placed on a waiting list.
- September 2002: official enrollment
- October 2002 – June 2003: the yearly program of study at Le Pavillon Decisions by the selection committee will not be discussed individually.

Participants's profile :

The Program seeks young artists who wish to collaborate at Le Pavillon on a collective project based on the given theme.
Required level: Baccalauréat + 5 years in a school of art or at university or equivalent professional experience.
Knowledge of French and English is recommended.

Enrollment fees :

Thanks to a special partnership with the Ecole nationale supérieure d’arts de Cergy, enrollment in Le Pavillon program enables artists to take advantage of student insurance and medical coverage. Enrollment and social security fees are around 450 euros.

Study grants :

Each of the ten selected artists will receive for eight months a monthly grant of 700 euros. The collective project is allotted a specific production budget.

Schedule :

Collective work by Le Pavillon’s artists, teaching staff and/or guest participants is scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of every week, from October 2002 to June 2003. Candidates enroll in the program with the understanding that they will actively participate in these work days and encounters. Thursdays and Fridays are set aside for individual work by each artist. Le Pavillon’s resources are entirely at the disposal of the participating artists.

Data sheet :

Participants in the program have a number of tools at their disposal, including computers (3 G4 computers equipped with graphics, video and sound software), 3 digital cameras, sound recording (laser discs, microphones, etc.), broadcasting equipment (DVD, VHS, plasma screens, slide projection, etc.).

Living accomodations:

Le Pavillon cannot provide housing for the artists taking part in the program but will make every effort to assist them in their search.

For more info : refer to email and web site addresses

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