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Dak Art 2002

Dak Art 2002, Dakar

Fith Edition. International Exhibition: Moataz Nasr from Egypt. Individual exhibitions and Design Exhibition.

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Fith Edition
Dakar, Senegal
10 May - 10 June 2002

International Exhibition
Moataz Nasr from Egypt.

Moataz Nasr will show the video installation An Ear of Clay, Another of Dough. This work won the Cairo International Biennale in 2001.

Faouzi Laatiris, Icham Benohoud, Ali Chraibi, Khalil El Gerib, Fayssal Ben Kiran, Erruas Safaa and Batoul S'Himi (Marocco); Zoulikha Bouabdellah and Mohamed Ounoh (Algeria); Fatma Charfi and Nabil Saoubi (Tunisia). Mansour Ciss, Soly Cissé, Modou Dieng, Amadou Kane Sy, Félicité Kodjo, Ndary Lô, Gabriel Malou, Djibril Ndiaye, Ousmane Ndiaye Dago, Ibrahim Niang, Moussa Sakho Adams O'connor et Mamadi Seydi (Senegal); Rodney Place, Donovan Ward, Lisa Brice and Bruce Clarke (South Africa); Tamsir Dia, Jems Robert Kokobi Yacouba Touré and Justin Oussou Ngoran (Côte d'Ivoire); Angèle Etoundi Essamba and Joel Mpah Dooh (Camerun); Sokari Douglas Camp, Otobong Nkanga, Evaristus Obodo and Emeka Udemba (Nigeria); Francis Tchiakpe and Dominique Zinkpé (Bénin); Vonjiniaina Ratovonirina (Madagascar); Mulugeta Tafesse (Ethiopie); Saliou Traoré (Burkina Faso).

Individual exhibitions
Jannis Kounellis (from Italy), Franz West (from Vienna), Berry Bickle (from Zimbabwe), Maria Lewis (from Trinidad et Tobago, lives in New York), Jose Angel Vincench (from Cuba, lives in Equador), Mushsana Ali (from the US, lives in Senegal), Mahiguère Dolo (from Mali), Aimé Ntakiyica (from Burundi, lives in Bruxelles) and Jaume Plensa (from Madrid).

Design Exhibition
Kossi Assou (Togo), Ricky Balbao (République Démocratique du Congo), Aboubacar Fofana and Cheikh Diallo (Mali), Jamila Lamrani and Mohamed Ahbib (Maroc), Doris Mian-Benie, Valérie Oka, Solène Prince-Agbodjan and Issa Diabate (Cote d'Ivoire), Zoarinivo Razakaratrimo (Madagascar), Adrien Abdoukhader Sarr and Balthazar Faye (Sénégal), Yamo (Algérie). Information source: Ousseynou Wade (General Secretary of Dak'Art) and the newspaper “Le Soleil” from Senegal.

Ery Càmara is the president of the International Selection Committee and Jury of Dakar Biennale. Museolgue, cunsultant for the National Museum and the Modern Art Museum in Mexico, he was the president of the Jury in Venice Biennale in 2001.
Bruno Corà (Italian art critic and director of the Contemporary Art Centre Luigi Pecci in Prato), France Borel (director of the National School of Visula Arts in Cambre, Belgium), Marie José Crespin (president of the Scientific Council of Dak'Art 2002), Ngoné Fall (art coordinator of Africalia, Belgium, Sakina Rharib (curator of Marrakach Museum, Marocco), Céline Savoye (curator of Saint-Etienne Biennale in 2002), Pep Subiros (Spanish indipendent curator) and Ousseynou Wade (general secretary of Dakar Biennale 2002).

Dak'Art has a permanent office (Ousseynou Wade is the general secretary) and a Scientific Council (directed by Marie José Crispin) which has selected the International Selection Committee. The International Selection Committee has then selected the artists who applied for the Biennale (to apply it's necessary to have the nationality of an African country and to fill the application form ); some members of the International Committee also selected artists from different part of the world for the Individual Exhibitions. When the works are installed the Selection Committee judges them and distributes the prizes.
First Edition of the Biennale in 1992; Second Edition in 1996 with a new organisation and the new name Dak'Art; Third Edition in 1998 and Fourth Edition in 2000.

Dak'Art 2002
Dakar, Senegal

Dak Art 2002
dal 9/5/2002 al 10/6/2002

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