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Domestic Exile and Adaptation LPs are finally available at iTunes after years of existing only in rare vinyl versions. To order other recordings, publications and artworks please scroll down.


To order CDs, publications, stories and other works, please send name and address with list of items desired, to the e-mail

anywayitmoves (at) yahoo.com

You will receive a reply indicating price, shipping cost and Paypal account. We do not accept credit cards. We do accept bank transfers for larger orders. Items will be shipped as soon as payment is received.

Every item is packed, free of extra charge, with a story, a publication, postcard sets, photographs or other works, chosen by Steve Piccolo (surprise).

No vinyl records available.

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Domestic Exile CD (finally available at iTunes).


Adaptation CD (also available at iTunes, takes some searching, use LP name Adaptation).


Sound Fetish CD (original work created for WPS1 at the Venice Biennale).


Hilarity Workshop CD (original factory version).


Bang Bang CD (noise research produced for exhibition at Spazio Oberdan, Milan).


The Box Man CD (original factory version).


Expedition CD (original factory version).


Red Letter Edition of the magazine E IL TOPO with stories by Steve (very limited quantities).


Special issue of the magazine E IL TOPO (sul balcone) for the BLKNZM project/app, produced for the Venice Biennale 2013.


Michael’s Fire, a story by Steve with set of 7 postcards, signed and numbered edition, with soundtrack (audio file).


NEW! Images coming soon.

Dalmatian Poses, prints from the photo-narrative series with story, signed and numbered.


FIGHT-SPECIFIC ISOLA, the book on the ongoing adventure of Isola Art Center, in English or Italian edition.


Congeries: order any item together with subscription for a “congeries” of works by Steve Piccolo sent to you every month for one year. At the end of the year you will get a signed certificate authenticating your personal congeries. No two congeries are alike, though sometimes items may overlap.

For information on CDs see the “records” page of this website. Click on titles for more info.

For information on E IL TOPO see the magazine’s website.


You used to have a record. A book. An image. Then it was gone. Maybe you lent it to someone. Or left it on a train. Or your ex grabbed it and you couldn't be bothered fighting about it.

Some stuff is easy to replace. Some stuff isn't. Which makes it more appealing in a way. But when you finally get your hands on whatever it was, there is a moment of even greater emptiness. It might be just as good as you remembered it. But are you just as good as you used to be? Do you still have the knack of immersing yourself in music, words, imagery? It seems almost inevitable... if it's a record you listen hastily to a couple of tracks and then park it for a rainy day that never comes. If it's a book maybe you re-read it, or at least make a start. If it's an image you file it away in one of those places where you store thousands of other images.

There has to be a way out of this. Maybe the first step is to understand that it is not about age, being too busy, time. It has to do with a shift of technology. The stuff we cherished existed in separate interfaces, separate machinery. Each piece of machinery could have an almost infinite range of qualities and personalities. It wasn't always the same interface. Vinyl was played on a turntable, tapes in a tape deck, radio on a radio. Pictures were seen in magazines, glossy prints, slide projections. The level of technical nuance was amazing. Every ritual of personal aesthetic experience had its own complications and overtones, requiring different levels of effort and expenditure to produce the desired results.

This is not a diatribe against new technologies. The finger of blame is pointed only at me, at us. For being lazy. For letting "them" take the magic out of experience, flattening it out in a single shiny device.

This is why I think maybe we need "congeries" or "clusters" or "accumulations" of stuff around the things we value. To materialize the sense of value. To remake reality, in a way.