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DIAF 2004

798 Space, Beijing

DIAF 2004 whose the first edition is named Radiance and Resonance/Signals of Time constitutes a 'Premiere' in China: it proposes a lively dialogue between citizens and contemporary culture through a wide range of programs in one place (all area of Dashanzi Art District) and at a single time (one month).

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A CURA DI : - Huang Rui and Tatehata Akira Directors & Chief Curators
- Berenice Angremy, Chief Organizer
- Thomas J. Berghuis, Project Co-ordinator
- Li Xia and Yang Jiankun, Beijing Cultural Dev. Foundation
- Feng Chong, Assistant Office Manager

DIAF 2004, an international multidisciplinary art festival organized by the Beijing Cultural Development Foundation and all structures of Dashanzi Art District, will be held between April 24 and May 23 2004. DIAF 2004 whose the first edition is named Radiance and Resonance/Signals of Time constitutes a 'Premiere' in China: it proposes a lively dialogue between citizens and contemporary culture through a wide range of programs in one place (all area of Dashanzi Art District) and at a single time (one month).

Dashanzi Art District (DAD)
The Dashanzi Art District (DAD) is located in the Dashanzi, an area between Beijing Capital Airport and the City centre. This important architectural and cultural complex composed of several Industrial Bauhaus Factory buildings was built in 1954 by East German architects; making it one of the most unique architectural historic locations in China. Formerly made up of factory warehouses and manufacturing sites; the wide range of abandoned spaces were discovered in late 2001 by a group of artists and cultural entrepreneurs. They began to renovate the properties and turn most of the area into one of the most renowned experimental art districts in Beijing.
This area now features a wide range of cultural centers, an integration of its unique architecture, restaurants and bars. Guests of DAD can enjoy the experience of a loft-style atmosphere. In recent times DAD has become regarded locally and internationally as one of the trendiest districts of Beijing, and is often featured in a wide range of media across the world. Since becoming one of Beijing's avant-garde cultural centers, the weekends are filled with pedestrians leisurely enjoying the creativity and inspiration featured in the local and international galleries.

Dashanzi International Art Festival - DIAF 2004
The Dashanzi International Art Festival (DIAF) aims to further develop this growing center for new and challenging arts production in Beijing. In preparations of the Olympic Games in 2008, Beijing is rapidly becoming one of the most prominent centers in the region. Beijing plans to market this position by promoting and hosting a wide range of modern cultural activities that can easily compete with other prominent cultural and economic centers in East Asia including Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

In recent times Beijing has exercised further opportunities, having hosted a wide range of cultural activities which included numerous international concerts, theatre and dance festivals, as well as, visual art exhibitions. Not to mention, the 1st Beijing Biennale, that was accompanied by various satellite exhibitions, many of which were featured in the Dashanzi Art District.
From these events it has become clear that Beijing is China's National Capital, also in terms of contemporary cultural production and exchange. In order to further enhance this position, and following experiences in other cultural capitals around the world, it is therefore important to host an international annual art festival, which features all possible fields in arts production, and which will focus strongly on hosting events that combine different media and new technologies. The Dashanzi Art District, with its wide variety of spaces, can certainly be considered one of the best locations for this new focus; thus, the organization of the 1st Dashanzi Art Festival from 24 April to 23 May 2004.

DIAF 2004 Program

Venue: 7 major art spaces of Dashanzi (798 Photo Gallery, 798 Space, 25000 Transmission Cultural Center, Beijing Tokyo Art Project, China Art Seasons Gallery, White Space, Yan Club) and numeral other industrial sites (Ware House, Daoyaolu Workshop etc.).

Events: about 30 events will be featured: 3 film festivals, 9 visual art exhibitions in fixed places (2 photography exhibitions, 3 painting exhibitions, 2 multi-media exhibitions, 1 sound art related exhibition, 1 open air light installation) 3 architecture and/or design related exhibitions, numerous concerts and sound events (experimental music concerts, 2 open air sound art installations, Wang Lei concert, DJ programs etc.), dance and multimedia-media performances and 1 international Symposium cf. Projects Draft

All exhibitions and events will feature more that 100 artists' works coming from 9 Countries, including China. 40 foreign participants are invited to feature their talent. Some have participated in big events, such as the Venice Biennale (Fujimoto Yukio, Marco Nereo Rotellii), and others have rarely been provided an occasion to show works in China, despite their worldly famous reputation (the legendary film maker Chris Marker).

Radiance and Resonance/Signals of Time, New Arts and New Media: a broader focus on new technologies and challenging art productions
From the very start of planning for DIAF, organizers have deemed it important to have a wide range of the events focused on the use of new media and technology in arts production. By being hosted at one of the most modish contemporary art centers in Beijing, DIAF 2004 will strive to promote the district as becoming one of the most prominent alternative centers for new media art production. This includes the areas of video, sound, computer, and other high-tech cultural productions and artistic experimentations. These experiments will further be aimed to enhance direct communications with the audiences and broaden their experiences with recent technological advancements that focus on combining visual images with sound and new notions of our direct visceral experiences. Together these topics have become captured in the title for the first edition of the festival: 'Radiance & Resonance – Signals of Time'.

There will be a wide range of events that feature artists involved in the production of new media based installations that feature some of the newest, top end technological devices for their creation and public representation. These include computer based sound installations, such as in the case of the Australian artist Iain Mott, the Italian artist Marco Nero Rotelli in collaboration with Filippo Centenari, and the French artist Guillaume Paris who will be respectively featured in the exhibition 'Transborder Language 2004 – Voice Control' and the smaller feature exhibition 'Radiance & Resonance.'

Next to these exhibitions of visual and performance art, the first edition of the festival will further host a number of video and film festivals that will form the basis for increasing attention on behalf of the organizers for the festival to further enhance the Dashanzi Art District in becoming one of the main centers for future experimental film screening in Beijing. Among some of the main film events organized for the festival include a retrospective exhibition of one of the most prominent French filmmakers, Chris Marker, a presentation of Japanese films by independent film makers from Japan, and the possible hosting of a series of documentary films from Australia.

Next there will be a video documentation presentation of national and international action theatre companies combined with a workshop and live theatre performance by the Chinese participants.

To accompany the strong focus on sound and in realizing that the experience of music remains one of the most important means in attracting a large and wide range group of audiences, DIAF will further host a number of national and international music festivals, many of which are hosted by the prolific composer, critic, and organizer of concerts and other live music manifestations Yan Yun. In addition there are also plans to host presentations by DJ's and VJ's from abroad and China.

Architecture and Design exhibitions represent an essential program of DIAF 2004. They refer to the present and the future of our contemporary life with the exhibition 'Modern style in East Asia' that will feature art works conjointly created by designers and artists coming from Japan and China. With 'Imagination and Reality' program, they also feature the radical social and cultural changes that have swept through Beijing (and for that matter China in general), through the amazing transformations that have been and are still in process in Dashanzi Factories: the first part will give a sense of these transformations through an amazing photographic heritage of old Dashanzi factories; while the second part, served by high technology devices, will focus on the Future of Dashanzi imagined by famous architects coming from China, USA and Holland.

Daoyaolu Workshop 'Imagination and Reality' two exhibitions Space

Visibility of DIAF 2004
- Ceremonies: Opening Party at the inspiring 798 Space will gather about 400 Guests (Sponsors, Media, Beijing Government, Chaoyang District and Embassies functionaries - France, Italy, Australia, USA – organizers and participants). Closure Party at Beijing Tokyo Art Project will host special events (music and performances).
- Printing Material will be displayed before and during the festival: DIAF 2004 Catalogue (40 pages, release on April 22), 'DIAF 2004Guide Map', posters and post-cards (ready for April 13, distributed in all big public and premium spaces of Beijing).
- Media Coverage
National TV will cover DIAF 2004 all along the festival: BTV (confirmed), CCTV and Phoenix TV (in process), Foreign TV will report about the opening / and the manifestation: Germany, France (France 2), Japan (NHK), Australia (in process) etc
More than 20 of the biggest national press will report before the event, during the opening and / or the events during DIAF 2004.
Daily newspapers include People Daily (opening), Beijing Daily News, Beijing Evening News, Beijing Youth Daily (once a week, in process), Beijing News, Beijing Times, New Beijing, Star Daily (in process), The Economic Observer (regularly), Beijing Weekend etc.
Magazines include: 'LE' Magazine, 'I Look', Colorfulness, Vision, Trendsmag, That's Beijing, Beijing Weekend, Beijing This Month, Madame Figaro, City Pictorial, Tiger Cool Magazine, Home Idea etc…
Specialized press: Art World, Hualang magazine, Art & Design magazine, Contemporary Art Magazine, Art in China, Observation Art, Art News, Art Market, China Art News etc.
Foreign Press include The New York Times, Herald Tribune, Liberation, Newsweek, Art Asian Pacific, etc.
Web sites: and (in process)
First Press conference: April 13
Second Press conference: April 24
Communication actions are still in process: national and international other media will soon be listed.

Audience: 100 000 to 120 000 visitors are expected during DIAF 2004. Should the DIAF 2004 program be fully implemented, we estimate that the number of potential visitors from 50,000 to 200,000. The lower figurer having been calculated according to the current attendance when there is only one special event being held in Dashanzi Art District. This attendance will further be enhanced by the large media attention that is being confirmed by local and international public media organizations as well as by the innovative spirit of DIAF 2004. We believe that this number should easily increase to 120,000 visitors and our target is 200 000 visitors.

DAD, DIAF and the Future
A call for partnership and further enhancement of the Dashanzi Art District and Festival
Following many experiences in looking at broad-scope cultural events across the world, a good initiative in the cultural scene must include a good partner for realizing its present and future role in production of the festival. Therefore, the organizers of DIAF are hoping to attract a long-standing partner.

DIAF 2004 is the first edition of an annual event that can become a major event in Beijing in the following years. It is still a young project that needs to be supported and associated with partners who want to share the glamour of Dashanzi Art District's specific style and who want to build an image of a young and energetic contemporary culture that is becoming one of the important future improvements of Beijing.


Visual Art
Architecture & Design

"Screening Chris Marker"
Thinking Hands Studio

Yan Club
Opening Marbee and Mimilin Multimedia Performance B.T.A.P. Garden
Modern Style in East Asia 2004

'Light and Shadow' 798 Photo Gallery
"Transborder Language 2004" Sound Art Exhibition
798 Space
"Action Diary" Blue Wing Studio
"Dashanzi and the Future" Architectural School Works Daoyaolu WorkshopB

"Independent Japanese Art Film Festival"
Now Club
VJ & DJ nights
798 Space
YAN Club
Feng Ling Dance Fashion Show
Open Air
"Factory" Photography Exhibition
Daoyaolu Workshop B

Action Theater Film Festival
Daoyaolu Workshop A
Or Now Club
Concert of Chinese Star Electro musician Wang Lei 798 Space

International Symposium: Past, Present and Future of Industrial Sites
Daoyaolu Workshop B

"Asian Short Film" Daoyaolu Workshop A
Or Now Club
Experimental Music Performance
Now Club

'Radiance and Resonance / Signals of Time' White Space Gallery
Dashanzi Music Scene
Open air

'Radiance and Resonance International Exhibition'
Ware House
'24 Hours of Sound'
798 Space

Wang Shugang Light Installation
Open air
"Acoustic Lessons" Non-theater sites

'Wang Mai' Art Work Exhibition
25000 Transmission Cultural Center.
Numerous concerts
At Yan Club

Photographic Painting Exhibition
China Art Season Gallery

'798 by Zhu Yan' Photography Exhibition
non-theater sites

'Transborder Language 2004'

Program included in Music and Sound Art - Sound Art Exhibitions

Description:Transborder Languages 2004 forms the second edition of an annual event, which features artists from China and abroad in an event that focuses on the creation of new artistic languages in contemporaneous arts practices. Starting in 2003, Transborder Language places a strong emphasis on performance art practices, which aim to involve the public in a direct dialogue with the artists and artworks featured in the event.

For the 2004 edition the two producers for the event, Huang Rui and Tatehata Akira have chosen to introduce the theme of ‘sound' in the event, and thereby making it part in the 1st Dashanzi International Art Festival (DIAF), 'Radiance and Resonance – Signals of Time,' which will be held from 24 April to 23 May 2004 at the Dashanzi Art District. Hence, the subtitle for Transborder Languages 2004: ‘Volume Control,' which will feature the associate curatorship by Dai Guangyu and Thomas J. Berghuis, and will be held during the opening week for the festival (24 April to 2 May) at 798 Space in Dashanzi.

The curators for Transborder Language 2004: ‘Volume Control' would like to invite proposals by artists from China and abroad, whose practices and works focus on sound in any possible form of expression. These can be in the form of live performances, as well as installations, video works, and possible flat-surface pieces that involve the direct resonance of sound, or introduce the complex visualisation of sound and its possible absence through imageries.

The international artists featured in the exhibition include: Marco Nereo Rotelli&Filippo Centenari (Italy), Jean-François Lacalmontie (France), Guillaume Paris (France), Iain Mott (Australia), Adam Geczy & Mike Parr (Australia), Yukio Fujimoto (Japan), Raita Yishikawa (Japan). The Chinese artists featured include: Song Dong, Huang Rui, Dai Guangyu, Zhou Bing, Huan Qin, Shao Yanxin, Liu Xiangjie, Song Yongxing and Xiao Lu. We are further hoping to attract further participation from artists living in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe (in particular Scandinavia and the Baltic region).

Contact Details DIAF and Organizers
Postal Address:
Dashanzi International Art Festival
P.O. Box 8503
No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Road
Beijing, 100015
Phone/Fax: +86 10 6437 9737
Chief Organizers: - Huang Rui, Director & Chief Curator
- Berenice Angremy, Chief Organizer
- Thomas J. Berghuis, Project Co-ordinator
- Li Xia and Yang Jiankun, Beijing Cultural Dev. Foundation
- Feng Chong, Assistant Office Manager

1st Venue: 798 Space Date: April 24-May 2 2004.
2d Venue: other sites of Dashanzi Art District Date: May 2004
Curators: Huang Rui and Tatehata Akira. Assistant Curators: Thomas Berghuis and Dai Guangyu.

Image: Marco Nereo Rotelli&Filippo Centenari/ Eden of light-sound

DIAF 2004
dal 23/4/2004 al 23/5/2004

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