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Two exhibitions
dal 6/4/2006 al 8/7/2006
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Nabila Irshaid
Erwin Wurm

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Two exhibitions

Museum der Moderne, Salzburg

Erwin Wurm: 'Adorno was wrong regarding his theory on art'. Video works and photographies of “One Minute Sculptures" (1990), the constellation of figure and object are only valid for a moment are the topic of his astonishing pictures. Nabila Irshaid: flying carpet. The installation is placed in a modern Arabian living ambience, the visitor thus becomes part of a social sculptur.

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Nabila Irshaid
Fying carpet

The installation Fying carpet is developed by the Salzburg based artist Nabila Irshaid in the context of "Off Mozart" and and realised with the support by the Generalsekretariat Mozart 2006 for a room at the museum der moderne salzburg rupertinum. The artists descends from a family of Palestinian origins and, with her installation, draws a network of old family relationships, new rapprochements and active modalities to diminish fears and insecurities in the face of “the other". The installation is placed in a modern Arabian living ambience. The visitor is provided the opportunity of a direct dialogue with people from Palestine. In addition a video is shown which presents freshly captured voices and faces of people in Palestine. These distant conversation partners answer the question: where would you fly if you have a flying carpet?

“FLYING CARPET offers a communication platform on which visitors of the museum der moderne salzburg rupertinum and guests of the cafeteria at the Goethe-Institute in Ramallah, Palestine, are interconnected.", says Nabila Irshaid abut her communicative installation, “By using Fying carpet, people get the chance of individual contact and personal exchange of culture. I want to create a relaxed ambience where people can start a unique and individual dialogue. In every place you go, you pick up something new by giving away something old. All of this can happen here and now! The common (European) understanding of the Middle East can be extended richly by images and words, as well as on the other hand the oriental attitude towards the European value system can be questioned. The ever up-to-date power of dialogue is being defined anew in a contemporary model and held over large distances. The visitor thus becomes part of a social sculptur!

Fying carpet provides hitherto unknown nuances and unexpressed feelings within its open forum for discussion. The inner reflection correlates with the outer action. For three weeks there is the chance to create a new beginning in relationships, to exchange news, to start friendships, and to create a new reality."

Museum der Moderne Salzburg Rupertinum
Wiener Philharmonikergasse 9 - Salzburg


Erwin Wurm
Adorno was wrong regarding his theory on art

Born in Bruck/Mur in 1954, the artist belongs to the most important artists within the Austrian art scene. Within the last years he gained an international reputation through countless national and international museum exhibitions as well as publications. Since many years he focuses on the weaknesses in every day life, the insecurities within human relations and the unpredictable flexibility which can be shown abruptly by assumed security. This includes the video works and photographies of his “One Minute Sculptures" in which he articulates a new understanding of sculpture since the 1990s: the ensemble divulged to disappearance, the constellation of figure and object which are only valid for a moment are the topic of his astonishing pictures. With held breath, the spectator follows the complicated inclines of the performer, the shortly taken, exhausting positions, which are applied for breakdown, the seconds of a docked attitude.

The weakness and changeability of conditions is also essential to the installation presented here, adding the connotation of “uneradicability" of stabilising theories and philosophical guidelines. Philosopher and sociologist Theodor W. Adorno has defined a new term for the sublime and unchangeable manner of artworks for the post war society. Erwin Wurm addresses this theory with mistrust and irony: The ensemble consisting of 12 large pink plates plays a silver inner space which can be used by the visitors like an accessible sculpture. The plates feature drawings explaining their use to museum visitors and act as monumentally increased variations of the “One Minute Sculptures" combining artwork, user and their short common interaction. Furthermore, the installation exemplifies the dismantlement of the pathetic art term by Adorno by giving over the mutability and the playfulness of the artwork to the access of the visitor.

Opening: 7 April 2006

Museum der Moderne
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