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Talk between Ian Kiaer and Roger Cook
dal 7/7/2010 al 7/7/2010

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Ian Kiaer
Roger Cook

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Talk between Ian Kiaer and Roger Cook

Kunstverein Munchen, Munich

The ragpicker and the dandy

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The ragpicker and the dandy. In the course of the exhibition "Endnote, pink", the exhibiting artist Kiaer and the art historian and theorist Cook reflect on particular aspects that influence the artist's practice. In his current exhibition he is showing groupings of found objects, that in an ordinary context might easily be overlooked, relating them to the more formal concerns of monochrome painting, by carefully placing them in the showrooms of Kunstverein they become part of an aesthetic composition.

Dexter Sinister
dal 1/10/2015 al 21/11/2015

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