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Re: Writing vs. the Internet
dal 9/11/2012 al 9/11/2012

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Re: Writing vs. the Internet

James Cohan Gallery, Shanghai

A poetry reading with Matias Viegener & Renee Reynolds

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Matias Viegener: Reading from 2500 random thing about me too, "a text-cloud raining art, dogs, sex, death and fruit"/Renee Reynolds: Poetry+Video History of a future" screening. ABOUT MATIAS VIEGENER: A Los Angeles based writer, artist and critic who works alone and collaboratively in the fields of writing, video, installation and performance art, Viegener is also a co-founder of Fallen Fruit, a participatory art practice focusing on fruit, urban ecology and public space, which has shown work internationally in museums and galleries. Viegener is the author of 2500 Random Things About Me Too and has co-edited two books, The noulipian Analects and Seance in Experimental Writing with Christine Wertheim. He is the editor and co-translator of Georges Batailles' The Trial of Gilles de Rais. ABOUT RENEE REYNOLDS: Renee Reynolds is an American artist and writer who has been living in Shanghai since 2007. Her poem "History of a Future" was composed over the course of five years' worth of Shanghai Metro trips and, in collaboration with Shanghai-based French designer Olivier Wyart, adapted to a video that won first prize in the 2011 Shanghai Tunnels Project competition and showed at Beijing TEDx 2012. Renee is also an active member of HALiterature (haliterature.com), a "postpat" writing collective and publisher.

Li Shan
dal 6/9/2015 al 16/10/2015

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