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Ioana Nemes
dal 10/3/2010 al 10/3/2010
7 p.m.

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Pavilion UniCredit


Ioana Nemes

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Ioana Nemes

Pavilion Unicredit, Bucharest

Artist-talk on "Translating time: losses and gains

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Artist-talk on "Translating time: losses and gains. Ioana Nemes will explain the context and the reasons that led to the emergence and development of the Monthly Evaluations project - an experiment attempting to render visible (via colors and numbers) the time elapsed throughout a month. Ioana Nemes's project Monthly Evaluations goes back to 2001 and is inextricably linked to the events which led to the discovery of her artistic vocation. For Nemes was a professional handball player until an injury put an end to her career and she decided to be an artist.

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