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Lucia Barbagallo, Catherine Wheel
9'49'' 2013 DVD
Courtesy dell'artista

At the time of the financial crunch, Human being are planning to destory a mountain in order to create spaces for new estates, housing and spaces for leisure time activities. This video is a potrait of the mountain before its passing. It also describes the conflict between the massive and sublime features of the nature and human intervention over the enviroment. In the film, the images of quarry, highlight the human inner conflict between the consumption of the mountain, building a quarry, and a the some time the shame of his action, hiding it by trees and fake garden. Catherin Wheel is the name of the acrobat fly by paraglinding at the end of the film.

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Linda Jasmin Mayer, Snowcats
9'30'' 2012 DVD
Courtesy dell'artista

In the video work 'Snowcats', the nightly movement of the machines that prepare the skiing pistes on the Schnalstaler glacier (on 2845m in the Italian Alps) is observed. In wide angled shoots and on a huge distance to the observer, the undefinable lights create, by their movements, an attractive choreography. As the impressive machines come closer, their noises become louder and always more disturbing, until reaching the point, that this aggressive intervention becomes unbearable. The work wants to stimulate a reflection on this brutal intervention in a quite and remote mountain landscape. A huge amount of energy is used to produce snow artificially, to keep the skiing tourism alive, as through global warming the glacier is melting. The solitude of the snowcat drivers in this remote landscape was the the initial thought to accomplish this work. And in another strain of thoughts the paradox in the relation of beauty to perspective is considered. As distance is defining what we perceive and how we evaluate it.