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Selezione di Cecilia Guida


Cristina Pavesi, Spring sacrifice
3'21'' 2011 .mov
Courtesy dell'artista

Un senso giustificato di inquietudine aleggia nel prato (dal punto di vista della natura).

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Mariagrazia Pontorno, Roots
2'36'' 2010 blu ray
Courtesy dell'artista

The Herbarium is exclusively constituted by synthetic images, inspired by iconographic references from traditional herbaria.
I represented only plants whose blossoming was supposed to coincide with my three-month residency in New York at Harlem Studio Fellowship (February - May 2009). As a continuation of the 3D images project, in the Roots video the Herbarium plants are floating away from the ground, showing their eradicated roots, with the background of Central Park's Great Lawn.
As the video's gaze follows the ascending plants, in the background the skyscrapers takeoff as space shuttles, liberating their metaphorical roots from the hard ground of Manhattan.