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Patrick Mudekereza - Judith Raum
dal 9/6/2011 al 9/6/2011

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Patrick Mudekereza - Judith Raum

Uqbar - projectspace, Berlin

Lecture performance and artist talk

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At 19, Artist talk: Patrick Mudekereza presents the Rencontres Picha, Biennale de Lubumbashi, DR Congo and his latest art works. At 21, Lecture performance: Judith Raum - harmless entrepreneurs. The lecture will be held in English. Since 2009, Judith Raum has engaged in artistic research dealing with the effects of German financial imperialism on the cultural relations between the German and the Ottoman Empire during the early 20th century. In her lecture performance, Judith Raum traces the official story of the economic and infrastructural penetration of a country only to disturb it with past and present moments of a different production, among them objects made in the course of the research process. She combines abstract considerations, objective facts and diary-like reports of visits to museums and archives together with projected image material and a sculptural action in order to find a narrative form for the description of modes of action that defy the grasp of colonial control.(Image: Max Freiherr von Oppenheim-Stiftung, Koln).

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