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Art Stays 2011
dal 19/7/2011 al 4/9/2011
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Festival Art Stays


Zulkifle Mahmod
Matej Sitar
Resi Girardello
Jeongmoon Choi
Valentino Menghi
Eike Berg
Dia Bogi
Andras Zalavari
Tamas Fehervary
Adrien Dorsanszki
Krisztian Szoke
Dominika Trapp
Dia Zekany
Benjamin Nagy
Kiss Gabor Attila
Vera Romhany
Mariantonietta Bagliato
Robin Starbuck
Katharina Klement
Doris Schmid
Sujin Lee
Lou Mallozzi
Nicolas Dumit Estevez
Mary Ting
Kristin Mariani
Jean Marie Casbarian
Shawn Decker
Johannes Knesl
Alice Andreoli
Aleksander Veliscek
Elisa Bertaglia
Chiara Sorgato
Nebojsa Despotovic
Gabriele Grones
Thomas Braida
Nemanja Cvijanovic
Miljana Babic
Peppe Perone
Lucio Perone
Mate Csato
Katarina Sevic
Endre Koronczi
Szacsva y Pal
Beothy Balazs
Eszter Szabo
Marianne Csaky
Csongor Szigeti
Miklos Erhardt
Rita Varga
Monika Grycko
Olga Schigal
Suzana Brborovic
Jon Derganc
Tina Dobrajc
Mito Gegic
Urska Mazej
Dusan Fiser
Manfred Kielnhofer
Christoph Luckeneder
Tanja Verlak
Alexander Hengl
Daniela Auer
Theresa Eipldauer
Maria Luz Olivares Capelle
Matthias Bernhard
Vinz Schwarzbauer
Matthias Peyker
Sebastian Koch
Christine Katscher
Christian Bazant Hegemark
Nika Autor
Jurij Meden
Borjana Venzislavova
Miroslav Nicic
Stas Kleindienst
Sebastjan Leben
Karoe Goldt
Martha Rosler
Nina Sobell
Vesna Bukovec
Evelin Stermitz
Ivica Buljan
Maja Cimerman
Mounty R.P. Zentara
Alexandre Murucci
Emanuele Beluffi
Lynn Book
Gunther Damisch
Raphael Di Luzio
Carlo Di Raco
Sarolta Entz
Dusan Fiser
Judith P. Fischer
Aurora Fonda
Jernej Forbici
Vladimir Forbici
Manuel Frara
Stanka Gacnik
Gabriela Kisova
Silvia Kro & Ernst Kreihsler
Patrik Loschert
Maja Markovic
Omar Mirza
Ksenija Orelj
Domenico Maria Papa
Lindy Poh
Laszlo Laszlo Revesz
Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter
Giovanni Sasso
Marek Schovanek
Marika Vicari

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Art Stays 2011

Different venues, Ptuj

9th International Festival of Contemporary Art. This year's festival is entitled Connect, as it connects over 100 artists in Ptuj. 80 of them are presented for the first time in Slovenia, almost 60 are younger than 35 years, 20 are Slovenian, 6 of them newcomers. The festival supports young and mid-career contemporary artists, photographers, designers, architects and focuses on various media: painting, video, installations, photography and performance.

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The ninth yearly edition of the Art Stays International Festival of Contemporary Art will be taking place this summer, the third time in the context of Art Ptuj Summer Festivals. This year's festival is entitled CONNECT, as it will connect over 100 artists in Ptuj, Slovenia. 80 of them will be presented for the first time in Slovenia, almost 60 are younger than 35 years, 20 are Slovenian, 6 of them newcomers. 16 curators will present 54 events between 22nd July and 5th September.

Art Stays is one of the most interesting contemporary art organizations and festivals in Slovenia. Since 2003, it has been reviving Slovenia's art scene with an international vibe. Several important names from the world of contemporary art were presented for the first time in Slovenia as a part of Art Stays: Leo Ferdinand Demetz, Elisa Rossi, Kensuke Koike, Raphael Di Luzio, Andrea Contin, Laszlo Laszlo Revesz, Florian Langemaack, Tim Roeloffs, Lucio Perone, Peppe Perone, Zulkifle Mahmod, Lynn Book, Marek Schovanek, Sissa Micheli, Peter Wehinger, Olga Schigal, Marotta&Russo, Cesare Pietroiusti. Over 300 artists have participated in the festival during its 9 years.

Art Stays promotes art and culture and supports young and mid-career contemporary artists, photographers, designers and architects. The festival focuses on various media: painting, video, installations, photography and performance. Due to a strong support system and successful cooperation with curators and organizations from Europe and other continents, Art Stays is able to serve its audience and participating artists as a living laboratory of young contemporary art.

Ptuj's strategic position in the heart of Europe provides us with the unique opportunity of becoming an international center of contemporary art, a meeting place for professional and non-professional artists, cultural workers, collectors, organizations and art lovers, who have the chance to come together through events and new projects. In a time when our society's fundamental values are compromised, art can be that one thing to connect people and offer a new purpose.

This year's festival has a lot to offer: 16 days of an artist in residence program, a 9-day-long summer academy, 5 national pavilions, numerous exhibitions, over 100 artists from Croatia, Italy, Korea, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Switzerland, Germany, Dominican Rep, Argentina, Austria, Hungary, Bulgary, Burkina Faso, Benin, USA and other countries (all together 21) and 54 new projects. Some especially noteworthy projects include: HOLE – a multimedia show by a group of American artists, video project There must be an exit! from Budapest, presentation of four European Academies of Fine Arts (Budapest, Lubiana, Venice, Vienna), exhibition Photography Today, the project IN/EX/CHANGE, which will connect US, Slovenian and European artists, Light Art Glow in collaboration with Light Art Biennial from Austria, Mariantonietta Bagliato, winner of artist in residence prize at Arte

Laguna Prize, discussions with 16 artists, professors, curators and critics, 6 interactive workshops (including the new project Drawing with an artist on Art Stays Beach) and an extensive representation of performing arts, sculptures and installation with artists including Zulkifle Mahmod, Lynn Book, Eva Petrič, Zoran Popovski, Lucio Perone, Peppe Perone, Laszlo Laszlo Revesz, Nemanja Cvijanović and Jaša.

And all this is only a prelude to the even richer array of events, which will take place in 2012 – when the festival will celebrate its 10th anniversary and Ptuj will assume its role of a partner city in the European Capital of Culture.

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