Kretakor Bazis
Gonczy Pal. utca 2.

The Art of Mediation
dal 25/10/2012 al 26/10/2012
+36 30 5702034
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The Art of Mediation

Kretakor Bazis, Budapest

International symposium on the relation of critical pedagogy and contemporary art

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As a conclusion to the Artists at Schools project presents an international symposium entitled 'The Art of Mediation', which looks at the relationship between art and education. By approaching the symposium's topic from the point of critical pedagogy, we would like to highlight and reflect on the relations between knowledge, authority, and power. The relation of art and education is discussed on two levels: the institutional level (the role of art institutions and the 'educational turn' in the artfield, alternative and critical pedagogical models in connection with art educational models; student movements and initiatives from the 1960s until today) and on the level of collaboration between artists and young people (interpersonal communication, matters of positioning, knowledge production and mediation, experiencing). Concept Judit Angel, Dpra Hegyi, Lilla Khoor; curators Dora Hegyi, Lilla Khoor; project coordinator Vera Simon. Full programm on the web site.

The Art of Mediation
dal 25/10/2012 al 26/10/2012

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