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Parasite Paradise

Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht

Experimental constructions forming a village in the city. Parasite Paradise will put on an animated 'village' featuring extraordinary constructions, titillating cultural activities, and a wide selection of international artists.

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Experimental constructions forming a village in the city

From 1 August up to and including 28 September 2003, Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht will be the scene for the outdoor manifestation Parasite Paradise.
Parasite Paradise will put on an animated 'village' featuring extraordinary constructions, titillating cultural activities, and a wide selection of international artists.

A manifestation as manifesto
A large number of artists and architects will present their parasites: experimental, temporary and mobile pieces of architecture. Well-known works such as Mobile Linear City by Vito Acconci and the parasite by Kas Oosterhuis & Ilona Lénárd will be on show in all their glory at Parasite Paradise.

Parasites are about pioneering, about exploring, in respect of form as well as function, about the notions 'shelter' and urbanisation. Parasites constitute a preview, a utopian vision on what our houses may look like once we go beyond the usual concepts. Multi-functional, mobile, easily movable and expandable, like an accessory that can be worn or taken off as you please. A prediction of how we may live together in the future, an invitation to look at things from another side.

Looking - living - working -sleeping - eating - constructing An undeveloped meadow will be the gathering place for roughly twenty remarkable examples of Parasites from the Netherlands and abroad. During the summer of 2003, these creative accommodations will form a diverse community in the new housing estate Leidsche Rijn. Parasite Paradise is a lively settlement: around the farm of Atelier van Lieshout sheep and chickens are walking about; a glossy skate object of Maurer United Architects is ready for use; 2012 Architects are holding office; the Hotelit of Fishkin & Leiderman offers lodgings for guests, and there is a bar restaurant (the first one in Leidsche Rijn!) to provide the relaxation. Each weekend, a cook annex artist will prepare a very special meal. Students of post-academic art schools will work on their art in an artist-in-residence Parasite and a miniature cinema will feature one-minute films.

Beyond Utrecht
Parasite Paradise is an initiative of BEYOND, a long-term art project instigated for the Vinex location Leidsche Rijn, a new housing estate erected on the periphery of the city of Utrecht. In future years, BEYOND will place a number of Parasites in several districts of the new housing estate, looking for places where art can contribute significantly to the new urban environment of the Leidsche Rijn residential area. BEYOND is an initiative of the municipality of Utrecht, with participation of SKOR (Foundation for Art and Public Space)

More information about the manifestation is available at the website. In September, the publication Parasite Paradise will be released in co-production with Nai publishers and SKOR.

Participants Luc Deleu (BE, urban planning design), 2012 Architecten (NL), Vito Acconci (USA), Atelier van Lieshout (NL), Dré Wapenaar (NL), Wolfgang Winter & Berthold Hörbelt (DE), Vadim Fishkin and Yuri Leiderman (SI/RU), Kas Oosterhuis & Ilona Lénárd, Menno Rubbens: Atilla Foundation (NL), André van Bergen (NL), Eduard Böhtlingk (NL), Exilhaüser Architekten (DE), Ed Joosting Bunk (NL), Maurer United Architects (NL), Böhm/Saffer/Lang (DE/UK), Maxime Ansiau (FR), Bik van der Pol (NL), Kevin van Braak (NL), Atelier Kempe Thill architects and planners (NL), HAP (NL), Karen Lancel (NL), Daniel Milohnic en Dirk Paschke (DE), Inge Roseboom, Mark Weemen (NL), Rob Vrijen (NL).

Photo above: Zusatzraum, Exhilhäuser Architekten 2000, photo: Thilo Herdtlein; Mobile Linear City, Vito Acconci 1991, photo: Vito Acconci;

Leidsche Rijn / Utrecht, The Netherlands
+ 0900 - PARASITE / 0900 - 72727483

Parasite Paradise
dal 31/7/2003 al 28/9/2003

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