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Juliett 484
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Juliett 484

Museum of Fine Arts MFA, Boston

US/Poland cultural exchange. This cultural exchange centers on 'Juliett 484,' a decommissioned Russian submarine that is docked at Collier Point Park in Providence, Rhode Island. With this exchange project, the artists hope to create works that illuminate, repossess, and transform the political and social import symbolized by the sub, shipyard, and harbors.

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The first phase of "Juliett 484," our US/Poland cultural exchange, is complete. Phase one of "Juliett 484" took place at the Castle of the Imagination International Performance Festival in Poland. See for details!

The US events of Juliett 484 will take place in Providence on September 20 & 21, in Boston on September 24, and in New York City on September 26. The events will include performance art, installation, video, sound art and other media.

This cultural exchange centers on "Juliett 484," a decommissioned Russian submarine that is docked at Collier Point Park in Providence, Rhode Island. Juliett 484 had tours in the Baltic Sea and more than likely docked in Utska and Gdansk, Poland at some point. The sub evokes images of the Cold War and totalitarianism, the tragic fate of the submarine Kursk, and implies aspects of naming and numerology, not to mention the naval and maritime history of the region during the sub's active period. With this exchange project, the artists hope to create works that illuminate, repossess, and transform the political and social import symbolized by the sub, shipyard, and harbors.

The participating artists include Marilyn Arsem, Milan Kohout, Mari Novotny-Jones, Yin Peet and Jed Speare of the Mobius Artists Group, and Bob Rizzo and Vanessa Gilbert from Providence. Arriving Monday from Poland are Marek Choloniewski, Artur Grabowski, Aleksandra Kubiak, Wladyslaw Kazmierczak, Grzegorz Klaman, Ewa Rybska, Pawel Kwasniewski, and Antoni Szoska.

Image: Wladyslaw Kazmierczak & Ewa Rybska / Slupsk / Poland - performance "Body & Sin"


Juliett 484: Participating Artists from the US

Marilyn Arsem has been creating live events since 1975, from solo performances to large-scale, site-specific works incorporating installation and performance. Arsem has presented work at festivals, alternative spaces, galleries, museums and universities in 15 states across the United States, as well as Canada, Croatia, Germany, Great Britain, Macedonia, Poland and Taiwan. She has been the recipient of numerous grants, including a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, and has been awarded multiple residencies at The MacDowell Colony and at international art colonies throughout Macedonia. She is the founder of Mobius, and is a member of the artists group. As a full-time faculty member at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, she heads the Performance Area and teaches in the Graduate Program.

Vanessa Gilbert is a director/performer based in Providence, RI. An artistic associate with Perishable Theatre, Gilbert has created puppet and theatre work for the Whitney Museum, at Altria Performing Series, Brown University New Plays Festival, the Love Creek Festival (NYC), Present Company Theatorium (NYC), the Convergence Festival, the Henson International Festival of Puppet Theatre, Big Nazo Puppets and the Atrium Theatre Company (NYC), where she was the artistic director for the 1993 season. She is a co-founder of Blood from a Turnip, Rhode Island's late night puppet salon. She holds a BA from Eugene Lang College and has studied with Dah Teatar in Belgrade Serbia and Nikki Heywood in Australia.

Milan Kohout is originally from Czechoslovakia. He was an underground performer, film producer, author, and a signatory member and activist of the dissident human rights organization CHARTER 77. He was stripped of his citizenship and forced by CZ security police to leave this socialistic country in 1986 due to his political art activism against it and obtained political asylum in the USA. He is a SMFA alumnus. His work (performance and video) concentrates mostly on the subject of human rights (rights of Roma /Gypsies) and politics (critique of totalitarian US capitalism). For the exchange, Milan is working with a dangerous symbiosis of army, politics and religion, particularly the notion of Christian "love".

Mari Novotny-Jones, member of Mobius Artists Group since 1980, recently completed a performance at The Cultural Center Gallery in Skopje, Macedonia, for the Skopsko Leto Festival. Her international work includes projects in Macedonia and Croatia. In 2002, she participated in Debrca International Colony in Macedonia. She is part of an artists collaborative, "The Water Group," with Meredith Morten, Joanne Rice and Ean White. Novotny-Jones is on the faculty of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and lead artist educator at City Stage Co. She is a recipient of a 2000 Tanne Foundation Artist Award. In 2001, she was awarded an Emerging Artist/Humanitarian Fellowship from the Boston Cultural Council. In Poland, she will create a work called, Subliminal, based on an image of Anna Bronski's wide skirt from The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass. In Rhode Island she will create a work called Subtext, in the kitchen of the submarine. She will prepare stew for the crew while speaking about the gathering of information, the daily routine while on board the sub, her memories of the Baltic and her petulant teenage daughter.

Yin Peet is a sculptor born in Taiwan. Her work addresses multiple perspectives concerning social norms between the East and West. She creates sculpture objects as well as explores the process of the making of the object as a form of performance. The characteristics of her installations/performances are to stretch the use of media beyond the boundaries of conventional sculptural materials into media that include time, sound, movement, and the recitation of text. Her work has been seen in the US, Taiwan, Croatia, England, Hungary, Hong Kong, and Nepal. Many of these projects were granted with awards.

Bob Rizzo has received numerous grants and two fellowships in New Genres from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. His work has been exhibited regionally, nationally and internationally. He is often a guest critic in Rhode Island School of Design's public art courses and has worked as adjunct faculty at both Rhode Island School of Design and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Bob Rizzo also has a 26-year history of creating opportunities for artists. He is the creator and curator of Convergence International Arts Festival. Bob Rizzo is also the Director of CapitolArts Providence, an arts organization that operates festivals and special events in Providence, Rhode Island. He has won numerous awards for his civic work.

Jed Speare, initially trained in music composition, has created work that combined time-based media over the past 25 years, and has been presented in San Francisco, New York, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria, and Taiwan. Also active curating time-based arts and exhibitions, he has been a contributing writer on performance art for Art New England. A member of the Mobius Artists Group since 1995, he has been on Mobius' staff as co-director and director since 1996. Jed showed a video, sound and performance work-in-progress, Sub-mission Regarding Juliett 484, during Mobius 25, a two-week festival in June 2003, as a precursor to his work in the exchange project.

Juliett 484: Participating Artists From Poland

Marek Choloniewski, born 1953, in Krakow, studied organ, theory of music and composition at the Krakow Academy of Music, where since 1976, has been employed on the faculty of the Electro-Acoustic Music Studio. In 1977 he founded the Kracow Society of Contemporary Muzyka Centrum, which is largely engaged in concert work. Since 1987 he has been giving concerts, workshops and lectures in Europe, USA, Canada and South Korea. In addition, in 1986, he founded his own annual international concert series called "Audio Art" which has presented the most important artists and achievements in "sound art" from all over the world. (Audio Art is a combination of visual arts with a new concept of sound, including elements of performance and sound installation.) A world-renowned lecturer, composer, "live computer music" performer, and author of audio-visual computer projects, Choloniewski writes instrumental and computer music for theater, film and radio.

Artur Grabowski is a painter, filmmaker and performance artist. He finished the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow with the best note in the department (the first official diploma from performance art). He is one of the creators of the art group "Gornoslaski Osrodek Przemyslowy - Sztuka." He is also one of the creators of an international art group "Kapusta Pictures Factory" and took part in the International "EuroHead" Project in Prague, Krakow, and Helsinki. He has had exhibitions and performances throughout Europe including in France, Germany, Finland, Spain, Greece, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.
In Providence He will present performance "40',1%" - this is performance about the critical Polish problem with alcoholism, the way of destruction, a short "story" about one man with social and economical position.

Aleksandra Kubiak began her art education at Uniwersytet Zielonogorski in Zielona Gora, Poland at the Art Department in the Institute of Art and Visual Culture (ISziKP). In 2002 she was granted a stipend in the fields of action, performance art, video, installation, painting. She has had many group and individual exhibitions and performances throughout Poland including the 2002 Castle of the Imagination Festival. Since 2001 she has worked with Karolina Wiktor with whom she formed an artists group.

Wladyslaw Kazmierczak born (1951) is considered as one of Europe's foremost performance artists. He has worked as a live artist since 1974 creating hundreds of unique performances at major galleries, festivals, alternative venues and sites specific throughout the world (22 countries). Since 1997 he started duo performances with Ewa Rybska. Kazmierczak produced a number of political performances based on aspects of freedom in communist - and paradoxically also in a new, democratic Poland. His work focuses on difficult and traumatic themes; political hypocrisy, issues of oppression, freedom and elimination of the original cultures by the process of globalization. Kazmierczak has very often used in performances his ironic and nihilistic attitude especially against empty, fashionable values. Since 1993 he became a curator and the organizer of the International Performance Art Festival "Castle of Imagination". He is also an author of essays on performance art and a creator of the on line art magazine Hysterics: Since 1991 he is a director of Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art in Slupsk /Ustka.

Grzegorz Klaman Born in 1959 in Nowy Targ (South of Poland). In 1980-1985 he studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Gdansk. Since 1984 he has led the Itinerant Gallery in various places in Gdansk (Barracks, the tip of Granary Island). Since 1985 he has worked as an associate professor at the Academy of Visual Arts in Gdansk (Inter Media Studio). He is a founder and the leader of the Wyspa Gallery (1985-2002) and a co-author of the Open Atelier and the Centre for Contemporary Art in the former City Bathhouse. He is also the President of the Wyspa Progress Foundation. Since 2002 he has run artists co-op Modelarnia at the former Gdansk Shipyard premises.

Ewa Rybska was born 1958 and studied at the College of Art and Design in Minsk Mazowiecki. She lives in Slupsk, Northern Poland, Pomerania and is a curator at the Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art. Since 1997 she has created performance art together with Wladyslaw Kazmierczak, the only duo of male / female performers in Poland. She performed in Poland, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belarus, Mexico, Korea, Indonesia, Finland, Canada and USA. She is a founding member of the Society of the Friends of Contemporary Art in Slupsk (1994), the society, which is the main organizer of the performance art projects.

Pawel Kwasniewski was born in 1963. He is a performance artist, TV producer, and journalist. He studied at the Academy Of Catholic Theology in Warsaw/Philosophy Faculty (1982 - 1988). He has prepared more than 250 exhibitions, performances, and experimental videos. He has also shown in galleries, modern art museums and contemporary art centers in over 35 countries around Europe, Asia, America, South America and Australia. He has been a visiting professor to art academies in Poland, Finland, Ireland, and Iceland. Since 2002 he has been a publisher of The ":" (Colon) - monthly literature and art magazine.

Antoni Szoska, studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Cracow and at the Jagiellonian University, Sociology Department. He is a senior Lecturer at the Academy of Fine Art, in Cracow and a free-lance art critic. He has presented his work in Polish galleries, Castle of Imagination Festival, and other events. He is a member of the Artistic Association "Fort Sztuki." He says, "My performances art expresses an "id", "ego" and "superego" of a teacher in an Art school-university level". In the art practice his art is very much postmodern, funny, dramatic, with many quotations of the main icons of contemporary art, philosophy, pop rock, his personal reflections about the high and low culture and about his existence. His performance is titled "Body, Mind, Art i.e. how to show 'The Confidence of the chaotic mind' international". To the performance assists refrain: "The cat clumber up¦.and winks".

Juliett 484 is funded by The Trust for Mutual Understanding, City of Providence. The participation of Milan Kohout has been made possible in part through support from The Fund for US artists at International Festivals and Exhibitions, a public-private partnership of the National Endowment for the Arts, the US Department of State, The Pew Charitable Trusts, and The Rockefeller Foundation, with additional support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, and administered by Arts International.

Juliett 484 has received additional support from the Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art, CapitolArts, Chashama, Cinema Delfin, LOT Airlines, the Polish Cultural Institute, Pomeranian Regional Council, School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston Exhibitions and Performance Area, The Society of Friends of Contemporary Art in Slupsk, The USS Saratoga Museum Foundation, and the Wyspa Progress Foundation.

Mobius, Inc. is funded by The Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), a state agency; the LEF Foundation; Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts; Boston Foundation Arts Fund; Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation; and generous private support.


We hope to see you at some or all of the following events!

Convergence International Arts Festival, Providence, RI
Performances, installation, video and other work sited on the submarine, Juliett 484:

Saturday, September 20, 8-10 pm and Sunday, September 21, 3-7 pm
Juliett 484: Collier Point Park, Providence, Rhode Island
Fee for entrance to the submarine is $8.
401.621.1992 or

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Anderson Auditorium, Boston, MA
Polish Artists Talk and Performances: Wednesday, September 24, 6 pm, Free
230 The Fenway, Boston, Massachusetts

In New York: Chashama Presents
Performances by the US and Polish Artists: Friday, September 26, 8 pm, $12, $10
125 West 42nd Street, New York City
646.728.0582 or or

Information on all events can be found at

or by calling Mobius at 617.542.7416
Boston's Artist-Run Organization for Experimental Work in All Media
374 Congress St. 6th flr, Boston, MA 02210
phone: 617-542-7416 fax: 617-451-2910

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