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Jetpack Bellerive
dal 5/11/2014 al 5/11/2014

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Jetpack Bellerive

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Jetpack Bellerive

Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen, St. Gallen

Art Lunch / Concert. Event

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This is the last Art Lunch event this year! Guest cooks are Carmen Weisskopf and Domagoj Smoljo of !Mediengruppe Bitnik and Raphael Rogenmoser of : digital brainstorming. Together with them we created the current exhibition 'The Darknet From Memes to Onionland. An Exploration' Program: 12 noon guided tour through the exhibition / 12.30 p.m. lunch Admission: CHF 25/members CHF 22. Concert by Jetpack Bellerive Jetpack Bellerive presents the musical performance project 'Bored to Death'. There within contemporary music meets contemporary television, anti-narrative meets epic formats of narration, the acoustic search for the unfamiliar meets the visual media of permanent construction and the repetition of the all too known. Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen Davidstrasse 40 CH-9000 St. Gallen.

Stephen Prina
dal 24/9/2015 al 28/11/2015

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