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Research Week 2015
dal 25/1/2015 al 29/1/2015
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Catherine Malabou

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Research Week 2015

Kungl. Konsthogskolan - Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

'The Domain of the Great Bear' is the research platform of the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, a series of public lectures, workshops and events focusing on art and production and the changing nature of the conditions for that production to address the challenges and aspirations for anyone claiming the category of artist.

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The Domain of the Great Bear was launched as a public programme by the Royal Institute of Art Stockholm in September 2014 with an intent to plant an institutional attitude that extends artistic practice and knowledge within art, cultural production, architectural and urban research, to its outer most boundaries. Its aspiration is to delve into categories not yet established while respecting the imaginary aspect of research, beyond its need to kneel to the more regulatory aspects of quality, comparability and assessment.

The widest possible interpretation of research is at the core of the future vision of the Royal Institute of Art. It is reflected in this year’s Research Week programme, which includes the opening of enrolled artists’ studios, the launch of an exhibition by first year B.A. students, and a broader and more diversified cooperation with individuals and institutions, in order to emphasize the entanglements and reverberations between thought (imagination) and practice, without the privileging of one pole over the other.

This year’s Research Week is aptly introduced by Catherine Malabou whose philosophy has incited us “to take charge of our brain, of our own subjectivity, and thereby of our society.” Malabou’s consideration of “what it is to see thought, to be present at its emergence” conjures convergences of many kinds. They will be explored in this dense week of presentations and activations.

It is the overall aim of the institution to foster both a philosophical climate that allows for the consideration of ambiguity, open-endedness, and even the multitude of errors as an inhabited process in the domain of art production and circulation.

The Royal Institute of Art has for this reason recently formalized a collaboration with the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) at Kingston University London, in the establishment of an International Visiting Chair in Philosophy in the Context of Art, shared by Peter Osborne and Catherine Malabou in alternate years and commencing in Autumn 2015. This programme invites reflexivity from the institution’s artistic community, reconsidering and challenging established theoretical positions. More importantly, it offers the students enrolled at the institution an opportunity to explore their interpretations of what they may perceive as the autonomy of the arts. A sincere thanks is extended to all those contributing to and presenting within the Research Week programme.

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Åsa Andersson, Research Coordinator
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Opening 26 January at 18.00

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Research Week 2015
dal 25/1/2015 al 29/1/2015

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