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Franchise Program
dal 25/1/2015 al 31/1/2015

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Franchise Program

Apexart, New York

Applications open

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Based on the idea of creating a franchise, apexart holds a worldwide open call for proposals for group exhibitions to be presented anywhere in the world other than New York City. Annually we accept 500-word submissions outlining your idea for an exhibition. Three winners selected by a jury will be the director, curator and/or staff of their own month-long apexart franchise with an $8,000 exhibition budget, a modest salary, and almost complete control. apexart provides the funding along with the necessary guidance and administrative support to make the curated exhibition happen. The Franchise is an opportunity to help bring an idea to fruition in a new place and to illustrate that the center of the world is wherever you are.

Franchise Program
dal 25/1/2015 al 31/1/2015

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