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Situation: Art School
dal 5/3/2015 al 5/3/2015

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Luis Camnitzer

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Situation: Art School

Pratt Institute, New York

A symposium addressing challenges and opportunities for educating artists today

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To address current challenges and opportunities for educating artists, Pratt Institute will present 'Situation: Art School' on Friday, March 6 from 1 to 6pm. As part of the event, deans, chairs, and faculty members from prestigious New York art programs will participate in panel discussions on the values that inform art education today. The event, which is geared toward educators, students, and those in the art industry, is free and open to the public. Artist and author Luis Camnitzer will kick off the day's event with a keynote on the relevance of institutionalized art education programs, the role of art-thinking within the broader educational system, and art as a meta-discipline. Subsequent panel discussions will weigh questions such as: Has the art school, including university studio programs, become a factory for turning out career professionals with market-ready portfolios? Does it still offer students alternatives from which to challenge the hegemony of the commercial market? How can we reinvest art education with renewed transformative potential, as an enterprise that is not in the service of capital accumulation but about radically reorganizing our understanding of the world and of the possibilities for the artist within it? Public reception, 6pm Graduate Galleries, Steuben Hall.

Situation: Art School
dal 5/3/2015 al 5/3/2015

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