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Sarah Pierce
dal 3/8/2015 al 3/8/2015

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Sarah Pierce

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Sarah Pierce

Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Lecture Series

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The title of this lecture series, I rebel, therefore we exist draws upon key concepts in Pierce's dissertation, where rebellion describes a way of knowing that rubs against regimes of legibility, efficacy and legitimacy. Rebellion stages tensions between official, institutional and situated knowledge and knowledges that are unpredictable, unfixed, and uncontained, knowledges that rebel. Building upon Albert Camus' idea of rebellion, Pierce connects the ideas to a community specifically formed at the margins of an institution the learning community of the academy and the community of an exhibition. Using this lecture series to occupy a marginal moment within an exhibition program and proposing the art institution as avatar for other legitimising regimes, Pierce is essentially probing the limits and potentials of being political in the public sphere. Pierce will present the lectures as a combination of reading and performance. Throughout the series, she will navigate the terms for rebellions that involve people as well as materials. Questions resurface about how community dispenses over time as we move through the community of the exhibition; with an eye on debates and practices that invoke 'community' as a way to describe (as well as prescribe) relationships between people. How, why, and with which preoccupations does our desire for community fasten us in the present, in each other's'presence? What happens to community when its 'time' has passed? How might a different concept of community hinge on the lapses in between intense moments of connectivity and contact? 04 August 2015 5.00pm.

David Claerbout
dal 12/8/2015 al 9/10/2015

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