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One night stand
dal 4/3/2000 al 5/3/2000

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One night stand

Tanja Grunert Gallery, New York

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The nine artists and one curator of the international post-graduate program in Nantes (France) are now in New York to make their ‘stand’. The scholarship program, conceived by ERBAN - Ecole Régionale des Beaux-Arts de Nantes, has become one of the most reputable programs for young artists in Europe, and ‘One Night Stand’, marks the first time in many years that an art school with such an experimental program has come to New York to exhibit. The group will be based at the Klemens Gasser and Tanja Grunert Gallery, and will make an intervention for the duration of one night.

The participants have been informed by Robert Fleck and Philippe Lepeut, that they were selected onto the program for specific, although varying reasons. These reasons, however, remain undisclosed. ‘One Night Stand’ could be perceived as a search by these young practitioners, to uncover these reasons and the relations that exist between them. On the other hand, maybe not.

Davide Bertocchi (Italy) - Through his personal exploration of planets and galaxies he has arrived at a new form of skateboard.

Mircea Cantor (Romania) - I like America, but America doesn’t like me - Beuys corrected ... Visa currently denied.

Hsia-Fei Chang (Taiwan) - Hsia-Fei Chang is truly a New York girl. She will invite a hairdresser/stylist to work on her head with limitless freedom. The resulting creation may not be to her taste, or even good taste in general, but somehow, somewhere, it will reflect the taste of someone.

David Michael Clarke (Scotland) - DMC has recently found a new girlfriend. It appears to have had no adverse effects on his art.

Esra Ersen (Turkey) - 02-02-2000. Visa Office, USA Embassy, Paris. 1st Kiosk, Office Clerk (lovely woman) - "Bla, bla, bla..." - Visa currently denied.

Anabelle Hubaut* - Jammin’ (France) - Lend me your ‘L,’ and borrow my ‘B’ - ongoing project. For the week, 28 Feb - 05 Mar, the exchange has taken place with the french artist, Philippe Lepeut.

Sabine Jamme (France) - No information received.

Ines Pais (Portugal) - Ines Pais will present a revolutionary kit to stop cash machines and confront peoples’ expectations and habits. It’s a D-I-Y revolution, a system that actually interferes with the economical systems of New York.

Karin Pernegger (Austria) - ‘At Your Service’ is a project by the Austrian curator, Karin Pernegger, which demystifies the working condition that exists between curators and artists. In this case, responding to specific instructions given by numerous artists, it is the curator who services the demands of the artist, through a site specific intervention that lasts the duration of the ‘one night’ project. Invited artists: Davide Bertocchi, David Michael Clarke, Simona Denicolai/Ivo Provoost, Swetlana Heger/Plamen Dejanov, Richard Hoeck, Ralf Hoedt, Dorit Margreiter, Peter Pommerer, Flora Neuwirth, Daniel Roth, Wally Salner, Markus Schinwald, Johannes Schweiger/Roland Rust, Tilo Schulz, Wawa Tokarski, Silke Wagner, Stefan Wieland, Moira Zoitl. After the recent changes in Austria, Karin Pernegger takes the personal stand, that it’s now more important than ever to support the young art scene in Austria, that struggles against the threat of political, social and cultural entrapment.

Abraham Poincheval - Jammin’ (France) - Collaborative project by Abraham Poincheval & Anabelle Hubaut* with Clementine Henrio & Francis Edelin (France)

4.00 pm, Sunday 5th March, 2000

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