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Martin Gimenez
dal 6/11/2008 al 6/11/2008

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Gabriela Galati

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Martin Gimenez

WhiteBox Art Center, New York

Video screenings. Curated by Gabriela Galati

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Video screenings. Curated by Gabriela Galati. In Martin Gimenez's works, every element has been carefully chosen from real models and is displayed in the composition to reenact quasi ritual situations: A green filter has been added to the camera lens to create a monochrome atmosphere. The ritual is an important part of his videos where the reproduction of nonexistent rites emptied of any significance turns the body of the people seen on the screen (not to call them 'actors') in these automata, mere enactors of a series of instructions.

Now You See
dal 27/5/2014 al 14/6/2014

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