FormContent - new space
Second Floor, 51-63 Ridley Road (Dalston)
The Show will be Titled after its End
dal 10/12/2008 al 10/12/2008

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The Show will be Titled after its End

FormContent - new space, London

Opening of the second cycle

sintesi del comunicato stampa

Opening of the second cycle. For the first night Nick Laessing's Bedini machine will remain in the exhibition accompanied by a performance and a lecture. The performance will be a dramatisation of a radio interview with the inventor John Bedini. This will be followed by a lecture on free energy held by Patrick J Kelly, a leading researcher in this field. Further, the space will comprise works by Ruth Hoflich, a structure by Martin Fletcher / Systems House, a series of small paintings by Rowena Hughes and a heraldic sculpture by Oliver Robb.

Holodecks (And Other Spaces)
dal 6/4/2011 al 7/5/2011

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