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My Ultradeep I
dal 3/2/2009 al 3/2/2009
ore 21

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Smart Project Space


Marko Ciciliani

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My Ultradeep I

Smart Project Space, Amsterdam

Bakin Zub presents two exclusive performances by Marko Ciciliani

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Bakin Zub presents two exclusive performances by Marko Ciciliani. The multimedia composition takes a view on the five human senses: Skin, Smell, Taste, Hearing and Sight, and eventually embarks on an encounter with the ficticious 6th sense as the metaphysical sense of the "I". A specially developed light composition works complimentary with the music. It includes as light objects three tent-like sculptures that were developed as a stage design by artist Kyoko Inatome.

Gabriel Lester
dal 2/11/2012 al 29/12/2012

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